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Group of marketing interns at St. John's University

Marketing Internships: How They Can Benefit Your Career

Are you passionate about marketing and eager to land your dream job? A marketing internship is the perfect way to launch your career and gain the experience and skills employers seek. This blog post explores the benefits of marketing internships and how to choose the right one for your career goals.

Young female professional
Toni Critelli
St. John's Alum and Risk Consultant

How to Get Started in Risk Management as a College Student

If you are a college student aspiring to pursue a career in risk management, then you are on the right track. This field is constantly growing and has a bright future ahead of it. It offers a plethora of fascinating career paths, including risk consulting.

Female, nonprofit leader looking out into the city view

Driving Social Impact: Alumna’s Path to Nonprofit Leader

In this inspiring Q&A, we explore the remarkable professional and academic journey of St. John’s alumna Bobbie L. Brown ’10G. With more than ten years of experience in community development, criminal justice, and education, Ms. Brown is passionate about investing in the principles of social impact to address the needs of under-resourced communities.

Young female professional
Toni Critelli
Two nursing students posing for photo in scrubs

What Can You Do with a BSN Degree?

If you decide to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN), you will be on the path to an exciting and rewarding career with many job opportunities and workplace options.

In this article, we will delve into the various work settings that nurses can work in and discuss some excellent nursing specialties accessible to BSN graduates.

Man standing at a St. John's University podium

Manifesting Your Dreams

How I manifest my dreams as a certified Strengths Coach and Associate Dean of Student Success and Engagement at St. John’s University.

Dr. Sharod L. Tomlinson’21Ed.D.
Little boy at speech language pathologist office learning the letter w

Unique Career Paths with a Master's in Neuroscience

The field of neuroscience opens you to a world of exciting career opportunities that extend beyond the laboratory. You can educate future scientists in the classroom, help nonprofits fund research, work as an artist who understands how the brain sees or hears things, and even influence laws and regulatory systems focused on new biological techniques.