University Events

The Department of Public Safety develops security plans for all University events, and determines the appropriate usage of Public Safety personnel. Events include all NCAA sporting events that are hosted on the Queens campus. Events that occur at an off-campus location, such as Madison Square Garden, are subject to the security protocol of the specific venue. Please contact the individual venue for specific security protocols.

In an effort to control illegal, prohibited, or suspicious items from being brought into a University event, attendee screening will be employed at certain University events. The purpose of this screening is to enhance the safety and security of guests. Attendee screening is part of the overall security plan for events, and may include the use of walk-through and/or handheld metal detectors.

The Department of Public Safety collaborates with sponsors of University events to develop a security plan that ensures the safety and security of all attendees, and fosters a transparent and collaborative approach to event security. The use of Public Safety personnel at University events, and the implementation of attendee screening protocols, is determined by the Executive Director of Public Safety. The following factors are considered in determining the allocation of Public Safety resources:

  • When the total number of attendees is expected to exceed 250 persons.
  • When attendees include people from outside the St. John’s community.
  • When the history of the event has been problematic. Generally, history from the past three years will be reviewed.
  • When the event is scheduled to end after midnight.
  • When two or more events are scheduled on campus, and in close proximity.
  • The size and design of the venue hosting the event.
  • When the event is an NCAA sporting event held on campus.
  • When information is known by the Department of Public Safety that warrants the use of attendee screening.