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Bystander Intervention Leadership!

It’s On Us. All of us.

To stop sexual assault.

To be part of the solution.

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What Is Bystander Intervention?

Anyone who sees or hears about harmful behavior, or a high-risk behavior is a bystander.

Bystanders are faced with a choice:

"Do I get involved?” or “Do I mind my own business?"

Bystander Intervention is making an active choice to interrupt the harmful or high-risk behavior. It’s on us. All of us. To interrupt harm. To make St. John’s a safer place.

Want to Learn How?

Have you ever witnessed something and had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right? Have you considered getting involved but something got in the way? Have you wanted to help but not known what to do? Bystander Intervention Leadership Training (BILT) provides you an opportunity to explore how to do all of this.

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It will help you recognize high-risk and harmful behaviors.

It will help you identify your barriers so you can acknowledge what’s stopping you from getting involved.

It will provide you with tools to safely intervene and interrupt harm.

Interested in having SOAR train your team, sorority, fraternity, or student organization? Submit a request for a SOAR BILT training today.