Golfer on a golf course view from the ground

Virtual Homecoming: Remote Rounds of Golf Leaderboard

Thank you for participating in our Remote Rounds of Golf! We hope you had a great time golfing with your family, friends, and fellow Johnnies.

Special congratulations to Joe Alfarone, who shot the lowest round, as well as our most honest golfer, Steven Visbeck!

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Remote Rounds Leaderboard

NameClass YearCourseScore
Keegan Bradley2008Kiawah Island Golf Resort69
Joseph Alfarone2014Gull Haven Golf Course81
Don Hogg1987Cold Spring Country Club83
Paul Nedorostek2013Stanley Golf Course84
Tommy Tesar2014Saratoga Lake Golf Club85
Anthony Giardina1985Cold Spring Country Club85
Joseph Guerin2014Montauk Downs86
Bob Hamilton1984Cold Spring Country Club86
Chris DiLorenzo2014Stony Ford Golf Course87
Chris Vaupel Cherry Valley Club88
Chris DiLorenzo2014Beekman Golf Course89
Andrew Page2016Garden City Country Club89
Chris Hillier2018Pelham Bay89
Paul Sclafani2008Dyker Park Golf Course90
Vincent Bamundo1961 92
Paul Sclafani2008South Shore Golf Course93
Joe Tartamella2004Hempstead CC93
Matthew Downey2018Clearview94
Michael Woodhouse2014Pine Ridge95
Nick Legakis1997Dyker Park Golf Course95
Nick Vendikos1991Dyker Park Golf Course95
Nick Vendikos1991Marine Park95
Daniel Pirro2017Clearview96
Kevin Brennan2014Swan Lake96
Junior Salazar2015Forest Park Golf Course96
Alessandro Salerno2018Douglaston97
Brendan Orvis2016Douglaston97
Joe McConville2020Storm King Golf Course97
Nick Legakis1997South Shore Golf Course97
Nick Vendikos1991South Shore Golf Course97
John Marchi2013Silver Lake97
Kevin Leslie2014Orchard Creek, Albany98
Junior Salazar2015Forest Park Golf Course98
Tyler Reimers2014Hickory Sticks99
Michael Clarke1991Ballantyne Country Club99
Carmine Cicchillo2018Clearview100
Mark Andrews2000South Shore Golf Course101
Daniel Martin2014Storm King Golf Course102
Giana Elenterio2015Storm King Golf Course102
Wesley Davis2014Centerton Golf Course102
Raymond Lambdin1986Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course104
Anthony Marciano2017Douglaston105
Lenore Shimon2018Storm King Golf Course105
Joseph Addona2014Balboa Park Municipal105
Nicholas Coffaro2017Middle Island Country Club107
Bryan Wynne2014Bethpage Yellow110
Mario Gonzalez-Bullon2018Kissena111
Gary J. Lambdin1993Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course111
Michael Richards2014Middle Island Country Club113
Brianna Funck  120
Steven Visbeck2014Middle Island Country Club128
Nick Legakis1997Rockaway Hunting Club75 (scramble)
Nick Vendikos1991Rockaway Hunting Club75 (scramble)
Vincent Iannelli1973Rockaway Hunting Club75 (scramble)