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Transfer Student Services

The Office of Transfer Student Services is charged with providing transfer students with guidance during their transition to St. John’s University.  Every student will be afforded the opportunity to speak with a professional advisor concerning their academic and personal goals. Upon acceptance, a Transfer Student Services advisor will schedule a one-one-one meeting to discuss potential credits granted, various course options and to facilitate the registration process.  In addition, the Office of Transfer Student Services is a gateway to the many support services and departments across campus, including the academic deans’ offices.  An advisor is always available to answer questions whether by in-person visits, e-mail, or phone.

Transfer Student Seminars

Every semester, Transfer Student Services (TSS) runs a series of seminars to introduce entering transfer students to the variety of resources available to them. New transfers receive the seminar schedules at the beginning of the semester, giving them an overview of topics to be covered.

More Information

For more information contact our office at 718-990-3372. You may also email us at [email protected].

Office of Transfer Student Services
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