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Early Admission Program

The objective of the St. John’s University Early Admission Program is to allow exceptional students to complete their first year of college upon the successful completion of eleventh grade, allowing them to simultaneously complete grade twelve of high school and year one of college.

The Early Admission Program provides students with the opportunity to pursue their higher education degree in advance of high school graduation.

Qualifying students must:

  • Be beyond the compulsory age of attendance in New York State
  • Successfully complete their high school curriculum at the eleventh grade level with high achievement in academic subjects, strong applicable standardized test scores, and proven intellectual and emotional development for success at the college level
  • Receive the recommendation of their high school principal and/or guidance counselor, as well as from an academic teacher
  • Receive approval from the University’s Early Admission Committee based on a personal interview and results of tests administered at the college with the recommendation of the University Counseling Center

Participating students will be evaluated for academic scholarships upon Admission to the University. Participating students will be ineligible for federal and/or state aid during their first year since students enrolled in elementary or secondary school are not eligible for aid programs even if simultaneously enrolled in an eligible college program.

At the conclusion of the freshman year, results of the student’s performance are sent to the high school and become a part of the permanent record.  Based upon the successful completion of a year of college study, the student is eligible to receive a high school diploma, without examination, from his or her own high school. 

  • Prior approval for the latter must be obtained from the high school principal or the local school board.  If the student passes the required Regents Examinations, he or she may also receive a New York State Regents High School Diploma.

Students are assigned an advisor of the school of the University in which the student is enrolled and also is assisted by the Office of Special Programs. The advisor and the Office of Special administrator work closely together to assist the students in the selection of courses and programs to increase compatibility with their backgrounds and capacities and to obtain their high school diploma.

Students interested in participating in the Early Admission Program should contact the Director at [email protected] for more information.

Contact Information

Queens Campus
Margarita David
Newman Hall
Phone 718-990-7533
[email protected]