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The Review of Business is a peer-reviewed journal first published in 1964. The Journal publishes original research articles in all academic fields of business, both theoretical and empirical, that will significantly contribute to the literature of business and allied disciplines.

The Journal advocates for research articles in imminent topics, such as sustainable development, technology related business issues, and topics that enrich the interdisciplinary understanding of business.

This Journal (ISNN 0034-6454) is on the Web of Science, Cabell's Whitelist, ProQuest (Global Collection), EBSCO (Business Source Primer), Gale (Academic One and Business Collection) and International Scientific Indexing (ISI). The journal is a signatory of the The San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA)

The Journal is not a profit-making endeavor. It has no submission fee. It is supported by voluntary contributions and donors.

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St John’s University publishes the Journal in hard copy form in January and June.

Address inquires to the editor, Dr. Yun Zhu, at [email protected].

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Please note that the Main Library of St. John’s University in New York maintains a complete archive of the Journal’s issues.

Iftekhar Hasan 
Fordham University, Bank of Finland, and University of Sydney

Kose John
New York University, USA

Steven Ongena 
University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute, KU Leuven, and CEPR

Raghavendra Rau
University of Cambridge, UK

David Reeb
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Turanay Caner
North Carolina State University, USA

Santiago Carbo-Valverde
CUNEF, Spain

Sandeep Dahiya
Georgetown University, USA

Sudip Datta
University of Missouri–Columbia, USA

Xian Gu
Durham University, UK

Omrane Guedhami
University of South Carolina, USA

Roman Horváth
Charles University, Prague

Patrick Flanagan
St. John's University, USA

Suk-Joong Kim
University of Sydney, Australia

Anzhela Knyazeva
Security Exchange Commission, USA

Chih-Yung Lin
National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

Kristina Minnick
Bentley University, USA

Jerry Parwada
UNSW Sydney, Australia

Maurizio Pompella
University of Siena, Italy

Steven W. Pottier
University of Georgia, USA

Alon Raviv
Bar Ilan, Israel 

Victoria Shoaf
St. John's University, USA

Akhtar Siddique
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, USA

Benjamin Tabak
FGV, Brazil 

Tuomas Takalo
Bank of Finland, Finland

Amine Tarazi
University of Limoges, France

Krupa Viswanathan
Temple University, USA

Wolf Wagner
Rotterdam School of Management and CEPR, Netherland

Noriyoshi Yanase
Keio University, Japan

Gaiyan Zhang
University of Missouri–St. Louis, USA

Hao Zhang
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Ethical Standards:

The Review of Business endorses the responsible research standards for both its authors and editors/reviewers promulgated by the World Conference on Research Integrity ( The Review of Business subscribes to both the Singapore statement on research integrity and the Montreal statement  on research integrity in cross-boundary research collaborations. This journal affirms that the word ‘boundary’ includes national, cultural, institutional, disciplinary and knowledge demarcations. Both the Singapore statement and the Montreal statement seek to affirm and preserve the integrity of both the research published in a journal and the process that resulted in that publication. Furthermore, the Editor of the Review of Business seeks to avoid criticisms of the research publication process as documented by  Grassmann (1986, Interfaces, 16.2: 43-51) and by Macdonald (2015, Journal of Management Inquiry, 24.3:264-279).

Publishing Agreement:

When an author submits a contribution for publishing consideration to the Review of Business, the author, upon acceptance of the contribution for publication, assigns to the Review of Business the copyright in the contribution and any tables, illustrations or other material submitted for publication as part of the contribution. This assignment of rights means that the author has granted to the Review of Business the exclusive right to publish and reproduce the contribution in print and other media of the journal’s choosing, and the right to license others to do the same, effective upon the acceptance of the contribution for publication. Notwithstanding this assignment of rights, the contributor retains all proprietary rights other than the copyright in any processes, procedures or articles described in the contribution. The Review of Business licenses back the following rights to the contributor in the version of the contribution as originally accepted for publication: The right to self-archive the contribution, the right to transmit, print and share copies of the contribution provided that there is no fee charged or the distribution is not widespread or systematic. The Review of Business also licenses back to the author the personal right of the contributor to send or transmit individual copies of the published version to colleagues upon their specific explicit request provided no fee is charged, and the right to include/post the published version in normal teaching or professional duties.

When an author submits a contribution for publishing consideration to the Review of Business, the author represents the following: The contribution is original work written by the stated authors,  it  has been prepared in a personal capacity and not on behalf of a government or institution,  it has not been previously published, will not be submitted to any other journal, does not infringe any copyright or violate any other person’s or entity’s rights, or contain any unlawful matter, it does not violate the Singapore statement on research integrity, it does not violate  the Montreal statement  on research integrity in cross-boundary research collaborations. The contributor represents that he or she or they obtained written permission from copyright owners for any excerpts from copyrighted works that are included and credited those sources in the contribution. The contributor further represents that he or she or they informed any co-author(s) of the terms of this publishing agreement and that the contribution is submitted on behalf and on the authority of all authors that appear on the contribution.