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The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Alumni Mentoring Program bridges the gap between the classroom and professional world as students prepare for future careers as Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientist, Physician Assistants, Radiologic Scientists, Toxicologists or Biomedical Science field. Student who apply for a mentor are matched by program of study and to the extent possible to a mentor in their geographic region, program pathway, and field of practice interest. 

Please note that all mentees will be need to schedule a required interview in September before being matched. Attendance to all three milestone events are REQUIRED.  The deadline for joining the 2021-2022 Academic year is Friday, September 10.

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I agree that, if matched, I will devote a portion of my time each month to contact and/or meet with my mentor, and inform the Alumni Mentor Program how the relationship is progressing. I acknowledge that I will need to attend the three required milestone events.