Cayuse Research Suite

For management of sponsored programs and IRB Protocols

The Cayuse Research Suite is St. John’s Universities electronic portfolio designed to support the management of sponsored programs and IRB protocols.

Cayuse 424: 424 is designed to support the submission of proposals to external sponsor, with emphasis on federal programs.

Research Grant Proposal Submission Software | Cayuse 424

Cayuse SP: SP allows for management of internal review and award process through a framework for tracking and reporting on sponsored project activities.

Research Management System Software for Sponsored Projects (

Cayuse IRB: IRB provided an online space for IRB protocols submission review and approval.

IRB Software for Review & Approval | Easy Management & Compliance (

Some of the benefits of the Cayuse Research Suite include:

  • Transparent electronic approvals: Paper transmittal sheets have been replaced by a simple online process for reviewing and approving proposals for submission.
  • Integrated record keeping: Principal Investigators and OGSR staff will have full access to proposals, award notices, and progress reports regardless of submission method or sponsor.
  • Repository for all proposal/award documents.

As the system of record for the University’s research portfolio, Cayuse SP simplifies sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal creation to award close-out.

If you need further information or to obtain a profile please contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR) at 718-990-6276 to connect to one of our specialists or email [email protected].