Center for Excellence in Enterprise Risk Management

What We Do

The Center for Excellence in Enterprise Risk Management was established at St. John’s University’s Peter J. Tobin College of Business. The Center, lead by Dr. Paul L. Walker, is housed in The Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science (GSRM) at 101 Astor Place in Manhattan.

Mission Statement

Become a leading center that brings together students, academicians, executives, and board members for the purpose of developing and sharing knowledge, tools, and best practices in Enterprise Risk Management.

Executive Director Bio

Dr. Walker co-developed one of the first courses on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and has done ERM training for executives and boards around the world. This training includes helping boards develop risk oversight practices, benchmarking ERM practices, advising organizations on ERM process development, and identifying black swans and unknown risks. He has also researched ERM at the headquarters of companies such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, DuPont, Intuit, Harley-Davidson Inc, Raytheon, and others. He has written extensively on risk and ERM including the books Improving Board Risk Oversight through Best PracticesMaking Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off and Enterprise Risk Management: Pulling it All Together. He has also coauthored several articles on ERM including: Is your Board Ready for ERMThe Strategic Advantage of ERM, Managing Risk: An Enterprise-Wide Approach, A Road Map to ERM, and ERM and the Strategy-Risk Focused Organization.

Center/Executive Director Activities

Center/Executive Director activities include:

  • The role of ERM in insurance (published in GenRe’s annual corporate publication).
  • Published “strategic risk: do not forget your supply chain.” Financier Worldwide (with Conrad).
  • A Risk Management Heat Map for the USA. Financial Executive (with Shenkir and Barton).
  • Received a research award in 2013 for the 2012 Management Accounting Quarterly research “ERM: A Process for Enhanced Management and Improved Performance” (with Gates and Nicolais).
  • Launched a collaborative research initiative that partners with RIMS and Steel City Re to study ERM maturity, reputation risk metrics, and value (with Dr. Pooser).
  • Developed a white paper entitled “strategic risk: do not forget your supply chain” (with Conrad). Conrad is an executive at Zurich.
  • Developed and sponsored a white paper entitled: The Coming U.S. Sovereign Debt and Dollar Crisis.  (by Jean Pierre Bierlet).

Other Center and Center Director activities include:

  • A research grant from the Institute of Internal Auditors on the role of the chief audit executive in strategy and risk.
  • Financial Executives International webinar: A macroeconomic perspective on risks (with Shenkir).
  • Harvard Business Review Webinar: Leading Risk Culture Change (with Conrad and Willaert).
  • Tentative acceptance to present at RIMS 2014 National Conference on Board Risk Oversight Communications (with SRM Board Member Navigant and AARP).
  • A research grant from the Institute of Management Accountants on the impact of culture on ERM and board risk oversight. The grant involves three roundtables with executives. The roundtables will be held in NYC (Oct 2013), London (Nov 2013), and Dubai (Dec 2013). With Shenkir and Barton. 
  • Trained the United Nations how to implement an ERM process.
  • Trained marine officers from the Marine War College on how to think enterprise-wide about risks.
  • Trained SK USA on how to develop a world class ERM process.
  • Panel speaker at ETH Zurich Risk Conference with an emphasis on an enterprise risk view of supply chain risks.
  • Trained Samsung on ERM Best Practices.
  • NYSE IPO Conference: speaker/panelist on board risk oversight (11/21/13).
  • Speaker at RIMS Nov 2013 Conference: Going, Great, Going, Gone: Linking ERM to Strategy.
  • Speaker at Philadelphia IIA conference: developing ERM to become more strategic.
  • Speaker at 2013 RIMS national conf: communicating with your board on ERM.
  • Served on IIA’s CREA committee (developing and sponsoring research projects).
  • Served on FEI’s research committee (FERF).
  • Served on FEI’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Committee. Co-Chair of Emerging Risks and Blue Sky Committee.
  • Served on RIMS national conference planning committee.
  • Serving as subject matter expert on 2013-14 APQC research project: strategy and risk.
  • Advisor to AICPA ASEC risk task force on an enterprise risk management assurance guide.
  • Member of RIMS Strategic Risk management development committee. 
  • Launched a study of ORSA and ERM challenges with Protiviti.

Contact Information

Paul L. Walker, Ph.D., CPA
James J. Schiro / Zurich Chair Enterprise Risk Management
101 Astor Place
St. John’s University
New York, NY 10003
[email protected]

Additional Information

Dr Paul Walker Headshot 2022

Welcome to the Center for Excellence in ERM.

We are growing the body of knowledge in the field of risk, enterprise risk management and board risk oversight through a combination of research, workshops, whitepapers, and conversations.

Working alongside our key partners, outstanding alumni, and business friends, we strive to bring together boards, executives, professionals, and students to discuss risk and ERM.  Examples of prior events include ERM roundtables and a CFO risk panel.

We also stay connected to various stakeholder groups to enhance our understanding of the needs of executives working in ERM. We currently volunteer for Financial Executive International (Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee and the Research Foundation), the Institute of Internal Auditors (Committee of Research Advisors), the Strategic Risk Management Committee of RIMS, and other groups, including the AICPA, IMA, and ACCA.

The Center Director was one of the original advisors on COSO’s development of the first ERM Framework. Additionally, the Center Director is currently a member of COSO’s ERM advisory Council (as COSO revises its framework).

We also offer both an MS in Enterprise Risk Management and executive education programs. The information developed for the course work is based on research and work done at more than 50 major organizations. Examples of organizations the Center Director has worked with include: Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Raytheon, Intuit, VMWare, ADP, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve Bank, CONSOL, Highmark, Hospira, DuPont, Lego, AARP, University of Maryland, Boise Inc., University of Virginia, and several others.

Come join us as we explore the knowns and unknowns in managing organizations.

Dr. Paul L. Walker

John Adams
Retired VP Global Enterprise Risk Management, PepsiCo

Kimberly Chacko
Senior Consultant, Risk and Compliance, Protiviti

Russ Charlton
Chief Audit Executive, Advance

Blake Eisenhart
Retired Chief Audit Executive, Unisys

Geralyn Fanelli
Global Enterprise Risk Management Sr. Director, PepsiCo

Stuart Horn
Director of Enterprise Risk Management, IBM

Deon Minnaar
US Lead for Board Advisory Services

Adrian Mueller
Vice President, Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, MasterCard

Rich Muzikar
Enterprise Risk Management Advisor, Long Island Power Authority

Matthew Perconte
Managing Director, Protiviti

Steve Richard
Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer,
Becton Dickinson & Co

Chris Ruggeri
National Managing Principal Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte

Rob Ryan
Partner, PWC

Kelli Santia
Risk Manager, Strategic Risk Management,
General Motors

Denise Sobczak
Director Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – BIC Group

Jorge Tercero
Sr. Director, Global Enterprise Risk Management, PepsiCo

Zach Wolff
Director of SOX & Enterprise Risk Management, Con Edison

Arya Yarpezeshkan
Chief Risk Officer, Global Specialty, AIG

Kelli Santia
Risk Manager, Strategic Risk Management,
General Motors

Mei Young
Executive Director, Enterprise Risk Management
The Estee Lauder Companies Inc

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Summit   Theme
April 20, 2023Cyber Risk Oversight and ERM Integration
October 13, 2022Tools & Expectations for managing risk and improving resiliency in uncertain times
May 5, 2022Supply Chain and Third Party Risks
October 21, 2021Emerging Risks and ERM
April 22, 2021ERM and ESG Alignment
October 29, 2020How the ERM leader enables oversight and management of the big risks
Fall 2019  Integrating ERM into the Business
Spring 2019 Risk Culture
Fall 2018Digital Disruption and Transformation Risks
Spring 2018Building and Sustaining ERM'
Fall 2017 Strategy and Risk
Spring 2017 Noise and Emerging Risks
Fall 2016  ERM Framework Development Update and Board Risk Oversight