Nicholas Hirshon ‘09CPS

Nick Hirshon headshot

Journalism Graduate Publishes Book

Nicholas Hirshon ‘06CPS has found that the skills and contacts he acquired as a student at St. John’s University, have already paid handsome dividends.

Graduating with a degree in Journalism, Nicholas went on to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and is now an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at St. John’s. He is the author of a recently published book called Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum which traces the history of Long Island’s leading sports and entertainment mecca and is on the editorial staff of the NY Daily News.

Nicholas credits his early success to the “outstanding professors at St. John’s who shared their real-life journalistic with their students,” as well as the incomparable professional opportunities that were available to him. These included internships writing for the Daily News and the New York Amsterdam News and serving as editorial page editor of The Torch.

A native New Yorker, Nicholas draws upon his knowledge of and love for the borough of Queens, where he was raised. St. John’s Queens location was a pivotal factor leading Nicholas to choose to go to college here. “If you dream of working at a big-city newspaper, St. John’s is a fantastic choice,” he said. “I’ve been lucky enough to have studied with outstanding professors here,” he said.

Nicholas is getting a chance to give back to the University that gave so much to him by providing the same crucial role for his students. In doing so, Nicholas — like his own professors — shares his journalistic experience with them. He also communicates his passion for and belief in the nobility of this profession. “I believe journalists have a mission to change the direction of the world and I’m honored to try to live up to that goal,” said Nicholas.