Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP Freshman)

Cooperative Institutional Research Program is a national longitudinal study of the American higher education system.  The CIRP Freshman Survey provides normative data on entering college students, covering such information as student demographics, parent background, family finance, students’ high school activities, and political and social attitudes. CIRP Surveys are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics that research has shown are impacted by the college experience. Theme reports combine relevant items together for easy access. By examining these items together, these reports illustrate what contributes to specific areas of interest on campus and to facilitate discussion.

Beginning in 2014 the University changed the frequency with which it participates in CIRP. Once an annual survey, St. John's now participates every three years.

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  • CIRP 2009-2014 Reasons to Attend St. John's
  • CIRP Trend Data (up to 2014)
  • CIRP Trend - Characteristics (up to 2010)