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Staten Island Campus Civic Engagement

Staten Island is one of New York City’s fastest changing boroughs, and St. John’s is thriving along with it.  The Staten Island campus’s civic engagement initiatives are making a St. John’s University education more vital, innovative, and accessible than ever.   

Guided by its Vincentian mission, St. John’s Staten Island campus builds partnerships with local government, high schools, non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, and churches that increase educational opportunities for underserved youth and build foundations for thriving communities.   

St. John’s is proud to be a founding member “30000 Degrees:  College Readiness for a Stronger Staten Island,” an unprecedented partnership between the borough’s higher education institutions and four local high schools that aims to lift more Staten Island youth into college.  Professors, students, and campus leaders are also involved in Staten Island wide-efforts to combat substance abuse, diet-related illness, food insecurity, and neighborhood violence. 

Staten Island’s West Shore and more urban North Shore are alive with economic development projects that are literally remaking the waterfront and transforming communities.  With the world’s largest Ferris Wheel and proposed zoning changes poised to bring new commercial and residential building projects to Staten Island, St. John’s is building partnerships with the businesses, community organizations, and non-profit corporations that sustain its neighborhoods.

To make the most impact, St. John’s Staten Island campus focuses its community partnerships in three core areas: educational outreach; economic and non-profit development; and public health. Learn more about St. John's and the Staten Island campus here: