To meet the technological, global and ethical challenges of the marketplace and society at large, the Management Department provides management education in a climate conducive to scholarship in managerial decision-making and human relation skills. The Department's objectives make the student aware of business' place in contemporary society, emphasizing the scope and responsibilities of business, the sociopolitical milieu in which it operates and the economy from which it derives. Students learn to develop intellectual competence and basic managerial skills in such functional fields as materials and operations management, personnel management, methods improvement, the management of information systems and international management.

Managers must be acquainted with theories of organization, information systems, decision-making, leadership, communicating and environmental administration and must maintain a view towards career planning. The Department recommends that students majoring in management join the Society for the Advancement of Management, American Production Inventory Control Society, Sigma Iota Epsilon and subscribe to their professional publications.

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