The demand for career managers is predicted to grow by 9 percent over the current decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The management discipline prepares you to graduate as a leader who is ready to meet the technological, global, and ethical challenges of the marketplace and society at large.   Inside the management area, you will learn side-by-side with dedicated scholars, each with practical connections to industry.   Students are challenged to reach their potential and will come away with skills through proficiency in seminal theories and application via practical experiential engagements with businesses and not-for-profit organizations.    Along with core managerial foundation courses, students have the flexibility to dive into key disciplines such as materials and supply chains, to operations management, human resources management, strategic management, the management of information systems, and international management.

Students have the option to pursue many electives and take part in extra-curricular activities, career training, internships, competitions, clubs, networking events, and applied experiences.  By senior year, students have the option of joining our fast-track program to earn a master’s degree in a fifth year of study.  The Department recommends that students majoring in management join the Society for the Advancement of Management, American Production Inventory Control Society, Sigma Iota Epsilon, and subscribe to their professional publications.   The goal of everything we do is student success.   We are friendly, committed, and welcoming to diverse learners and identities.

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