Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research

    Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research

    Our Mission

    The Institute of  Interdisciplinary Sport Research (IISR) is purposed to provide a collaborative learning space for students, faculty, and industry professionals to work together on innovative projects. We cultivate an environment where innovative teaching methods are combined with cutting edge technology, in the aim to respond to the challenges of the thriving multifaceted industry of sport. At IISR we focus on interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, since real life problems do not respect our disciplines’ boundaries either. At the IISR the journey through the  process of inquiry and the search for answers is as important as the destination of the solution itself.

    Application and Collaboration

    The IISR focuses on implementing and supporting research projects, publications symposia, conferences, invitation of visiting scholars and philanthropic missions in the following fields:

    Olympism for Humanity and Social Justice

    The IISR explores new concerns in human rights, peacebuilding, and sustainable development in accordance with the UN SDGs. We seek to contribute to the existing body of work and mobilize stakeholders to make a positive  impact. 

    Serving Veterans as Students

    We explore areas in sport that stand to better, support and serve veterans as a student population.

    Women in Sport Science and Management

    The IISR focuses on research projects, creating opportunities and scholarly activity that support the movement for gender equality in the business of sport. We aspire to groom  the next generation of female trailblazers in sport.

    Sport Analytics

    We aim to innovate and increase research and scholarly activity around sport analytics. Our  goal is to equip our students with the knowledge they need to thrive in the data driven world of sport.

    Legal Issues in Sport

    We are dedicated to addressing topics at the intersection of law and sport. Such topics will include but not be limited to: arbitration, activism, doping and risk management.


    The IISR aims to explore and contribute to setting industry standards for research around eSport, while engaging stakeholders in activities surrounding the sport.

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    Dr. David Hedlund
    St. Augustine Hall, Room 2-080
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    Project Manager:
    Tim Palladino
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