Institute for Data Science

Institute for Data Science

Data science is an inherently interdisciplinary field, bringing together statistics and computer science to analyze data from disparate domain areas. The Institute for Data Science will serve as a hub for research activities, with an emphasis on data mining and analytics. We explore opportunities for data science initiatives among disciplines within The Collins College of Professional Studies and across the University.

Application and collaboration:

Biomedical informatics, cognitive science, communications, healthcare, and marketing are among the many areas in which data science plays an integral role. We encourage collaborations within the University, as well as with external entities, on data science research projects.

Research activities:

The Institute for Data Science is a research-focused space that engages scholars in the field through invited lectures and encourages participation in international conferences and journal publications. Research, regardless of discipline, will have an algorithmic and computational component.


The Institute for Data Science enhances the mission of the University, particularly the Catholic and Vincentian mission, which compels the University to engage in cutting edge technological solutions to promote alleviation of human marginalization due to health, unemployment, poverty, social justice, and other hosts of reason. The Institute is committed to use its intellectual resources to help flourish human life.

Past Events:

“Cellular based V2X Communications”

IEEE Guest Speaker: Professor Yi Qian, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Nebraska-Lincoln

October 10, 2019

"Working with Robots: A Talk about Human-Robot Collaboration"

Invited Speaker: Dr. Azhar, City University of New York, BMCC

April 1, 2019

"Towards Massive Replication of Scientific Findings in Massive Online Open Courses"

Invited Speaker: Dr. Ryan Baker

November, 2017

"Data Analytics Connection"

Featured speakers from Microsoft, MarkLogic, and Information Builders

April, 2017

"Big Data and Your Health"

Speaker: Dr. Giancarlo Crocetti

April, 2017

"Predicting The Future: Data Mining and Predictive Analytics"

Featured Talks:

"Mining Sensor Data to Create Portable Health Assessment Tools" by Dr. Nikhil Yadav

"Discover the Unknown" by Dr. Giancarlo Crocetti

Guest Speaker: Christopher Brogan from Assurenet

April, 2016


Christina Schweikert, Ph.D.
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