Center for Vincentian Research and Innovation

Center for Vincentian Research and Innovation

About Us

CVRI is a trans-disciplinary research institute dedicated to a single goal: using a systems approach to solve some of the most pressing problems of human poverty in the 21st century through advanced innovation, invention and research.

Mission Statement

CVRI is dedicated to continuing the tradition of St. Vincent De Paul by contextualizing his method of innovation in his own time and place and transposing it to the complex problems of global poverty in the 21st century. To understand that context, we must see the legacy of St. Vincent De Paul as containing two significant elements: the first is that he was a systems analyst and systems thinker well before that construct became part of popular research culture. At the same time, he was several centuries ahead of the political philosophers who emerged at the end of the 18th century who came to understand the objective of institutions of power as not merely control of the human person but betterment of the human person and the persistence of dignity throughout the lifespan.

With that in mind, CVRI is adopting a unique approach to driving research and innovation: combining problem based programs of inquiry with systems analysis. This model is based on a simple premise: that variations in wealth and poverty are not nearly as significant as equity of access, opportunity and dignity.

As such, CVRI will be working closely with other research universities, research centers and the broader non-profit sector to identify radically new approaches problem solving.


  • Hosting research fellows
  • Running an Annual Conference on Systems Based Vincentian Innovation (SBVI)
  • Developing Problem Focused Open Databases
  • Developing Open Source Curricula for Education Stakeholders


A NEW IP (Intellectual Property)

CVRI will conduct primary research into models of ownership in IP and their impact across the socio-economic spectrum. We are going to support research into advancing creative commons license, new forms of patenting, new models of open source usage and laws that protect consumers using hardware/software interface devices.

Vincentian IP Share Space

We are going to work with TOP Patent producers in the US to create a unique structure that allows for licensing of underperforming IP assets to drive nonprofit solutions to global problems of poverty. The IP Share Space will be a hub for students to work directly with universities and industry to create novel uses and iterations for those assets.

Active Areas of Research

  1. Dignity as Systems Problem
  2. Trans-disciplinary inquiry into persistence of poverty 
  3. Runaway Reactions – Single variables in complex systems of poverty that cause long-term chain reactions
  4. Decriminalization of poverty

Work With Us

  • Become a Research Fellow
  • Join our IP Share Space
  • Contribute your research to our open database

Contact Information

Center for Vincentian Research and Innovation 
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Mark Juszczak, [email protected]