A Man On A Mission

Written into St. John’s University’s formal mission statement and codified by the Board of Trustees in 1991 is aspirational language that reflects the global charge of the University. “...In educating students we pledge to foster those qualities needed for our alumni to become effective leaders and responsible citizens in a vibrant city and dynamic world.”

For the late John Kennedy Bingham ’80C, that global world view—fueled by an ever-present and bright burning compassion for others that navigated his professional career as a lawyer, a migrant, and a human rights defender—was sadly extinguished with his sudden passing on July 26, 2022.

John Kennedy Bingham ’80C

"John literally gave away his suits and headed off to a life of service, ultimately advocating for immigration policy reform on a global stage." —Salvatore Barcia, R.Ph.

John Kennedy Bingham ’80C
  • BA in Government and Politics
  • St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences