Visiting Students

Applying to the School of Law as a visiting student requires the following to be submitted by December 15 (for spring visitors) or August 1 (for fall visitors):

  • A completed St. John's University School of Law application submitted via the LSAC website, containing a statement of the applicant's reasons for seeking visiting student status;
  • A letter of good standing and permission to visit from the Dean of the ABA-approved law school the applicant currently attends;
  • An official transcript containing grades for all law school courses the applicant has completed;
  • A copy of the applicant's CAS report — the copy may be forwarded with the official transcript from the ABA-approved law school the applicant currently attends;
  • There is no application fee for visiting students.

Summer Visiting Students

The seven-week summer session normally runs from late May through late July. Applicants with advanced standing may be admitted to the summer program, at the discretion of the Committee on Admissions, on the following conditions:

  • The applicant submits a special summer program application. It should be filed as early as possible, but no later than May 20.
  • The applicant provides a transcript, a letter of good standing, and a letter of permission, signed by the Dean of the ABA-approved law school at which the applicant is a matriculated student. This letter also should certify that the applicant will have completed at least one year of law study by the end of the spring semester.