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Intellectual Property

St. John’s University is committed to the advancement of knowledge through research and innovative developments and recognizes that inventions and discoveries may benefit the public and be of commercial interest. The creation of intellectual property (IP) is complementary to 
the University’s core objectives of teaching and learning, research and discovery, community engagement, and public service. As an institution of higher education and research, St. John’s University has a duty to develop, support, and implement policies that create an environment for IP to be cultivated and transferred into practical use for the benefit of humanity.

As stipulated in the St. John’s University IP policy, all employees have to disclose any potential IP to the University through a disclosure committee (see IP Policy document). The completed disclosure documents should be submitted to Elenora, Director, Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, [email protected]. Employees that are unsure whether an idea/invention is commercially viable should consult the IP Policy Guide and are welcome to contact Elenora Levine.

The assessment of intellectual property is based on several objective criteria scored by the St. John's University disclosure committee and if applicable in collaboration with an external consultant. This is a confidential, nonpublic document. Please email or send the completed Intellectual Property Disclosure Form (PDF) and any supporting documentation to:

Elenora Levin
Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
Newman Hall, 108
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
[email protected]

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