What We Do

St. John’s University's Speech and Hearing Center is a state-of-the art facility for the diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, swallowing, and hearing disorders in children and adults.

St. John’s University's Speech and Hearing Center is a state-of-the art facility for the diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, swallowing, and hearing disorders in children and adults.

We serve as a primary training site for graduate student clinicians in the Master of Arts program in Speech-Language Pathology.* Our student-clinicians provide comprehensive and affordable evidence-based services under the direct supervision of professional and experienced speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Our supervisors are nationally certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed by the New York State Department of Education, Division of Professional Licensing.

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and its Speech and Hearing Center adhere to St. John’s University’s nondiscrimination policy which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, age, gender, national origin, alien status, citizenship, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or disability.  

Our Vincentian values also align with St. John's "dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and commitment to institutionalizing practices of inclusive excellence to ensure that we welcome and celebrate the intrinsic worth of all members of our community."

Clinical Services

On-site clinical services include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a broad range of speech, language, and swallowing difficulties related to:

  • Speech sound production
  • Expressive and receptive spoken language
  • Reading and writing
  • Voice
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Dysphagia
  • Social communication
  • Cognition

Hearing services include:

  • Comprehensive audiological testing
  • Brain stem evoked response testing
  • Counseling
  • Hearing aid evaluation
  • Aural rehabilitation with speech reading
  • Auditory processing evaluations

We also provide support groups for patients, parents, and caregivers.


The center offers a sliding scale fee schedule, which allows us to provide services at a reasonable cost based on the client’s income level. Every attempt is made to keep fees modest and reasonable.

Unique Qualities


Communication is a human right. Our mission is to serve residents of our diverse community who struggle with communication, while instilling in our student-clinicians values of clinical excellence, life-long scholarship, and Vincentian principles of service and social justice.

Community Outreach

In keeping with the University’s Vincentian heritage, we serve our community by offering a number of free outreach programs and specialty clinics to the diverse populations surrounding the center:

  • Loving Spoonfuls provides feeding and swallowing assistance for residents in local nursing homes.
  • Sounds Abound provides literacy screenings and phonological awareness intervention for young children in a number of local elementary schools.

Community outreach initiatives also provide:

  • Cognitive and communication stimulation groups for residents in local health care facilities;
  • Aural rehabilitation and speech reading training for hearing impaired residents of nursing homes; and
  • Acculturation workshops and accent enhancement for new speakers of English.

​​Diverse Clinical Faculty

The Center's administrative and supervisory staffs are comprised of licensed and certified clinicians who serve as clinical educators (CEs). Our CEs bring expertise and years of experience working in a variety of settings throughout the multicultural New York City area. All CEs are speech-language pathologists and audiologists certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), and licensed by the New York State Department of Education, Division of Professional Licensing. These qualifications are identical to those required of private practitioners in the field.

Cutting Edge Training

To prepare future clinicians for the challenges of an ever changing field, our students-clinicians are provided with state-of-the-art technology for documenting and streamlining their clinical experiences. Simulated case study technology also allows student-clinicians the opportunity to assess virtual patients with rare or uncommon speech, language, and swallowing disorders.

Contact Information

Anne-Marie Maher, M.A., CCC-SLP, Director
St. John's University
Seton Complex
152-11 Union Turnpike
Queen, NY 11367
[email protected]

*The master's (M.A.) education program in Speech-Language Pathology at St. John's University is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700.

Additional Information

Client Forms

Please complete the following forms and return to us at your earliest convenience:

In preparation for the examination, we would like you to provide us with important information. This information will assist the clinic staff in planning for and conducting a complete examination. Please complete the appropriate forms for your visit:

Speech and Language Evaluation


Hearing Evaluation


Please bring these forms when you arrive for the appointment or mail/fax  them prior to your appointment.

Mailing Address and Fax Number

St. John's University
Speech and Hearing Center
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Fax: 718-990-1917

For point by point turn directions and public transportation information via our Google Maps place page click here.


As a teaching and educational facility and not-for-profit agency, fees to the patient are significantly lower that those charged by other agencies and private practitioners. There are set fees for evaluation and treatment which are reasonable. Individuals may inquire by telephone as to the fee schedule. There is a charge for an evaluation. The program session fee is based on individual treatment sessions conducted throughout the semester, which is usually 12 weeks in length, and runs parallel to the college schedule. The patient is billed for the semester at the initiation of the program and payment may then be made in three installments.

The Center does not accept direct assignment of fees from insurance companies; however, assistance is provided in filling out the necessary insurance forms so that the patient may apply for reimbursement directly. The Center does accept assignment of fees from Medicare only for audiologic evaluations for qualified individuals. Those individuals should inquire at the Center for further information.

Contact Information
St. John's University Speech and Hearing Center
Seton Complex
152-11 Union Turnpike
Queens, NY 11367

Scheduling is done as conveniently to the patient's needs as possible. Speech-language sessions are scheduled once or twice a week for 45 minutes each session (depending on need), for approximately twelve weeks during the semester. Audiology appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday until 7 p.m.

Center Hours

Monday - Thursday9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday & Saturday9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

When to Contact Us


An evaluation is recommended when an individual:

  • Has a family history of hearing loss;
  • Does not respond to sounds or frequently needs things repeated;
  • Has frequent infections of the ear, nose, or throat;
  • Thinks that a hearing aid might be helpful; or
  • Has trouble understanding what is said to them.

Speech and Language

An evaluation is recommended when an individual:

  • Has difficulty expressing their thoughts;
  • Does not make sounds appropriate for their age;
  • Stutters or speaks unusually fast;
  • Has voice problems such as too high or too low pitch, hoarseness, or speaks too loudly or softly;
  • Has had an illness or injury that affects communication;
  • Feels their speech or language is a problem; or
  • Has learning difficulties that appear to be language-based.


Anne-marie Maher, MA, CCC-SLP
Director, Clinical Educator and Assistant Adjunct Professor
[email protected]

Anne-marie Maher started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist at NYU Medical Center working with adults and children who suffered neurological injuries.  Ms. Maher has adult and pediatric experience across a wide range of disorders in a variety of settings from the home to the hospital.  She specializes in working with adult clients who have communication impairments due to stroke and traumatic brain injury.  In addition, Ms. Maher brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in evaluating and treating children with language impairments, Autism and articulation disorders.  Her passion is helping people make connections through all communication avenues and imparting her experience and knowledge to a new generation of clinicians.

Patricia N. Schwartz, MA, CCC-SLP
Clinical Coordinator – Speech and Hearing Center
Clinical Educator and Adjunct Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Patricia Schwartz earned her Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology at St. John’s University.  She has worked in subacute care and skilled nursing facilities, specializing in the rehabilitation of speech, language and swallowing disorders in the geriatric population.  Ms. Schwartz has supervised graduate students completing their clinical rotations in the adult/medical arena since 2002. She has enjoyed being an adjunct professor at St. John’s University and Iona College, teaching a multitude of Speech Pathology courses on the graduate and undergraduate level.  Currently, she is the Coordinator for Clinical Education at the St. John’s Speech and Hearing Center.   

Anthea Vivona, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Clinical Educator and Adjunct Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Anthea Vivona obtained her BA and MA in Speech Language Pathology at St. John’s University, her Ph.D. in Speech Language Hearing Sciences from the CUNY Graduate Center.  She worked at the Birch Family Services Early Childhood Center for 15 years prior to joining the St. John’s Speech and hearing Center in 2011.  Dr. Vivona provides clinical supervision of evaluation and intervention.  In addition, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses.  Dr. Vivona is the moderator of the SJU Chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.  Dr. Vivona’s research interest is in infant-directed speech.

Denise Passerieux, AuD., CCC-A, FAAA
Clinical Coordinator of Audiology/Assistant Associate Adjunct Professor
[email protected]

Dr. Passerieux earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University at Buffalo. She went on to pursue her Doctor of Audiology degree from A.T. Still University in the Arizona School of Health . Prior to joining St. John’s University, Dr. Passerieux served as a supervising audiologist at the Hofstra University Speech and Hearing Clinic. In the past, she has worked at a variety of audiological settings including private practice, specialty eye and ear hospitals, a major hearing aid manufacturer and otolaryngology offices. During her tenures, Dr. Passerieux was able to gain experience in various audiological practices including complete audiological assessments with pediatric and adult populations, complete vestibular assessments, universal hearing screenings, hearing aid fittings using verification and real ear measurement, assistive devices, and aural rehabilitation. Dr. Passerieux’s areas of interest are hearing aid verification, vestibular assessment, and pediatrics. In addition, Dr. Passerieux is an adjunct professor at St John’s University and Adelphi University. She also has lectured on New York State infection control and telecoil/assistive devices protocol. A member of the Long Island Speech Language Hearing Association, Dr. Passerieux also volunteers on various committees. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.