Financial Aid

Funding Your Experience: It May Be Surprisingly Affordable!

You may find that St. John’s Global Studies experiences are more affordable than you think. Last year alone, St. John’s issued over $325,000 in additional aid to St. John’s students participating in semester-length study abroad program. Many students on short-term and semester-length programs also received aid through our Licari Scholarship program, or through the Department of State's Gilman Scholarship and other sources. 

Put simply, depending on your financial background and your chosen program, you may qualify for a full range of aid options, including need and merit-based grants, as well as work opportunities abroad. The key(s) to studying abroad without breaking the bank: apply early (so that you qualify for all possible aid, both from St. John’s and external sources) and make sure your FAFSA is up-to-date with the Office of Student Financial Services!

Visiting Students: Non-St. John’s students are also eligible for aid, whether directly through us or through your home school. You should contact the financial aid office on your home campus, as well as visit our financial aid page for specific information on the type of aid available to you.

If you decide that studying abroad through St. John’s is right for you, we’ll do everything we can to make your experience work for you financially:

In addition to St. John’s provided study abroad grants, external scholarships, and work-abroad opportunities, students will find that most (if not all) of their financial aid—including state and federal grants, and most government and private loans and scholarships—will “travel” with them. In fact, with the help of additional financial aid, some students have actually spent less on a semester abroad then they would on our NYC campuses.