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Student Success

Reimagining the Student Experience to Deepen Connection, Engagement, and Belonging

Page last updated 12/19/2022

Goal 1

We will provide an outstanding educational environment for all our students.

Action Item 1

Develop meaningful opportunities for student connection with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Metric 1: Increase the percentage of first-year classes taught by faculty that meet their academic and programmatic needs.
  • Metric 2: Improve NSSE survey responses to Q3, Q11E, Q13C.
  • Metric 3: Increase faculty advisor engagement with student organizations.
  • Metric 4: Increase attendance at Center and Co-Curricular programming (such as Vincentian Center for Church and Society and Inclusivity Resource Center events).
  • Metric 5: Improve FSSE survey responses to Q6B, Q7D, and Q8.

Action Item 2

Develop and direct University resources to support and advance students throughout their academic programs to prepare them for success after graduation.

  • Metric 1: Improve retention, persistence, and graduation rates.
  • Metric 2: Improve post-graduate outcomes (employment and graduate school enrollment within six months of graduation).
  • Metric 3: Improve student academic performance (as measured by number of students on academic probation; number of students who do not retain their scholarship; and number of students approved for transfer into their intended major after one semester and one year of enrollment).
  • Metric 4: Improve responses to NSSE Q9, Q13B, Q13D, Q14B, and Q14C.
  • Metric 5: Increase utilization of the Center for Student Success and Career Services.

Action Item 3

Facilitate student connection to each other and to their academic programs to foster belonging, engagement, and academic achievement.

  • Metric 1: Increase participation and retention rates within individual cohort programs (such as RISE, University Honors Program, EPIC, ASPIRE).
  • Metric 2: Implement block registration opportunities for first year students.
  • Metric 3: Increase participation in experiential learning opportunities, academic service-learning courses, and career-related shadowing programs.

Goal 2

We will enhance student life on campus, with particular attention to meeting the needs of both our resident and non-resident student populations, and by fostering an environment in which all our students feel they belong.

Action Item 1

Identify, assess, and enhance physical spaces, policies, and procedures to foster student engagement and belonging.

  • Metric 1: Increase usage of fitness center and dining facilities.
  • Metric 2: Increase engagement of non-resident student population in University programming.
  • Metric 3: Develop a University master plan that anticipates increase in student space.
  • Metric 4: Complete review of existing student policies to evaluate impact on student engagement and belonging.

Action Item 2

Optimize opportunities for meaningful student engagement within the University and with the broader community.

  • Metric 1: Increase weekend programming.
  • Metric 2: Increase engagement/participation in overall University programming by a wider array of the student population.
  • Metric 3: Increase participation in mentoring programs (EPIC, RISE, ASPIRE).
  • Metric 4: Increase student attendance at athletic events.
  • Metric 5: Increase student participation in Vincentian service programs, University Service Day, and Plunge (service immersion) programs.

Action Item 3

Develop a robust wellness program that provides physical and mental health resources and accommodations services that meet our student needs.

  • Metric 1: Increase utilization of mental health services, increase utilization of health services, decrease time between accommodations request and accommodation implementation.
  • Metric 2: Implement a streamlined accommodations request process.
  • Metric 3: Increase awareness of wellness program through development of additional content, measured by KPIs (traffic, engagement, etc.).

Goal 3

We will transform student-facing services to improve access to and quality of services.

Action Item 1

Implement a Student Relationship System to facilitate customized and personalized communication with students, and, to streamline advising and access to University services.

  • Metric 1: Implement a student CRM.

Action Item 2

Consolidate and locate student-facing services to increase efficacy and facility of student access to services.

  • Metric 1: Develop a master plan that incorporates the consolidation of student services.
  • Metric 2: Improve responses to FSSE survey Q4.
  • Metric 3: Improve responses to NSSE survey Q13D and Q13E.

Action Item 3

Ensure that systems and resources are in place to identify and serve students’ basic needs.

  • Metric 1: Create a comprehensive University-wide student alert system.
  • Metric 2: Increase resources available to students in crisis.
  • Metric 3: Create case manager roles within Center for Student Success.