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Academic Distinction

Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Research

Page last updated 12/19/2022

Goal 1

We will create, enhance, and consolidate (when necessary) academic programs to provide opportunity for all students while elevating the University’s academic reputation and profile.

Action Item 1

Revitalize the University Core Curriculum to increase student flexibility, opportunity, and educational relevance.

  • Metric 1.1: Review and approve all overall learning goals and all course proposals in the new University Core Curriculum (UCC). [Year 1]
  • Metric 1.2: Create an assessment plan for the UCC. [Year 1]
  • Metric 1.3: Complete review of the assessment plan for the UCC by the University Assessment Committee. [Year 2]
  • Metric 1.4: Implement annual assessment plan and cyclical UCC improvement. [Years 2 – 5]
  • Metric 2: Create a UCC research committee in partnership with the Chief Data Officer to establish a baseline for student success in the UCC. [Year 1]
  • Metric 3: Train all UCC faculty and advisors. [Years 1 and 2]

Action Item 2

Implement Strategic Program Positioning (SP2) to create, enhance, and consolidate (when necessary) academic programs.

  • Metric 1: Identify and review benchmarks for all University programs. Identify cost, credits, and health of each program. [Year 1]
  • Metric 2: Complete SP2 data packets and distribute across all programs; collect and analyze all program data. [Year 1]
  • Metric 3: Report results to all academic SP2 stakeholders and prepare the cyclical compendium reports for the Office of the Provost. [Years 2 – 5]
  • Metric 4: Identify and implement new and transformative academic programs, especially within the professional health care space. [Years 1 – 5]

Action Item 3

Expand partnerships to capitalize on the University’s academic expertise.

  • Metric 1: Create an inventory of all current academic partnerships and assess viability/growth/consolidation opportunities. [Year 1]
  • Metric 2: Identify 2 – 3 potential new academic partners for each school/college. [Years 1 and 2]
  • Metric 3: Establish 3 – 5 new academic partnerships with healthcare partners. [Years 1 - 3]

Goal 2

We will promote an inclusive and accessible educational environment that supports and advances excellence in teaching and learning.

Action Item 1

Advance excellence in teaching and learning by providing enhanced opportunities for faculty engagement and collaboration.

  • Metric 1: Create formalized faculty mentorship programs for all faculty. [Years 1 and 2]
  • Metric 2: Assess and catalog high impact practices across all courses, programs, and disciplines. [Years 1 and 2]
  • Metric 3: Institute increased use of high impact practices. [Years 2 – 5]

Action Item 2

Expand faculty development to further excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Metric 1: Collect and utilize best practices in teaching and learning through our external professional development associations (such as the American Council on Education). [Year 1]
  • Metric 2: Conduct an audit of all programs and workshops offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Online Learning and Services, and the Academic Center for Equity and Inclusion. [Years 2 – 3]
  • Metric 3: Institute increased use of externally identified best practices in teaching and learning. [Years 2 – 5]

Goal 3

We will strengthen and recognize research, scholarly activities, and innovation through increased faculty support and student engagement.

Action Item 1 

Establish a “Discover Your Colleague” (DYC) system to catalog research and scholarly activity, promoting collaboration between and among faculty and in support of student engagement.

  • Metric 1: Create a complete and actionable framework for the DYC. [Years 1 and 2]
  • Metric 2: Implement the use of the DYC to recognize and promote research and scholarly activity to drive faculty-student engagement. [Years 2 – 5]

Action Item 2

Provide resources to support entrepreneurial and innovative research programs.

  • Metric 1: Establish a novel seed grant program to prioritize research that incorporates cross-disciplinary faculty, active student participation, and that drives the formation of externally funded centers of excellence. [Years 1 – 2]
  • Metric 2: Expand pre-commercialization activities of the University’s venture clinical laboratory. [Years 1 – 5]