Glasgow Academic Exchange

The Law School’s global curriculum is designed to provide St. John’s Law students with a broad exposure to the practice of law in a transnational setting, and the opportunity to explore diverse legal systems across the globe.

The Glasgow Academic Exchange provides qualified St. John’s J.D. students with the opportunity to study international and comparative law in another jurisdiction.

The objectives of the Glasgow Academic Exchange include providing opportunities for St. John’s students interested in international practice to study law in another jurisdiction; providing opportunities for St. John’s students to specialize in areas of law in which the University of Glasgow is world renowned; and providing opportunities for St. John’s students to make connections with young lawyers from around the world as they prepare for globalized legal practice.

Through the program, St. John’s students spend a semester abroad studying at the school’s beautiful campus in historic Glasgow, Scotland. In return, students earning their LL.B. degree from University of Glasgow come to St. John’s Law for a year of study and immersion in New York City culture and community.

The Academic Exchange Details

St. John’s students receive approximately 14 academic credits to take four classes at the University of Glasgow, located in Scotland, United Kingdom.  Students select third and fourth level courses in the University of Glasgow’s School of Law, in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Students (St. John’s) and the University of Glasgow.  Students have the option of living on campus at the University of Glasgow or living off-campus.


In the past, St. John’s students have selected courses such as Commercial Banking; Company Law; Institutions & Judicial Control of the EU; Mixed Jurisdictions; European Rules on Competition; Criminal Justice; Intellectual Property Law and Criminal Law: History & Theory.

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