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DeanMichael A. SimonsX 66014-71[email protected]
Vice DeanLarry CunninghamX 76164-72[email protected]
Associate Academic DeanMichael A. PerinoX 19284-68[email protected]
Associate Dean for Faculty ScholarshipAnita KrishnakumarX 26394-39[email protected]
Assistant Dean for StudentsKimathi Gordon-SomersX 54894-78[email protected]
Manager, Office of the DeanLuisa AsaroX 66024-58[email protected]

Academic Achievement

Assistant Dean for Academic AchievementSusan LandrumX 31281-18C[email protected]

Administrative Services

Assistant Dean for Administrative ServicesNancy BradyX 19464-77[email protected]
Director, Special ProjectsClaire K. PollicinoX 1997 201[email protected]


Assistant Dean for Admissions and RecruitmentAlicia MeehanX 23103-37A[email protected]
Senior DirectorTheresa HalletX 6612 3-37C[email protected]
Associate DirectorDorothy P. MoranX 6095 3-37B[email protected]

Budget Services

Director of FinanceEd KlingX 66084-51[email protected]
Associate Director of Budget ServicesAnthony ZaccarelliX 55234-60[email protected]

Career Development and Externships

Associate DeanJeanne ArdanX 67673-26[email protected]
Associate Director of Employer RelationsHelena Rojas QuinnX 13903-22[email protected]
Associate Director of CD and Bankruptcy Career CounselingLaura SchwartzX 53093-16[email protected]
Associate Director of Employer and Externship Program OutreachThomas BlennauX 59293-18[email protected]
Assistant Director of Employer RelationsTess AbbazioX 19783-19[email protected]
Assistant Director of Career DevelopmentLalaine MercadoX 15953-24[email protected]
Assistant Director of Career DevelopmentCatherine QuinnX 80763-25[email protected]
Assistant Director of Career DevelopmentSara DrewX 66563-21[email protected]
Assistant Director of Career DevelopmentMelissa KubitX 64633-17[email protected]

Center for International and Comparative Law

Co-Director and Professor of LawChristopher J. BorgenX 19824-76[email protected]
Co-Director and Professor of LawMargaret E. McGuinnessX 80184-35[email protected]

Center for Law and Religion

Director and Frederick A. Whitney Professor of Contract LawMark L. MovsesianX 56504-45[email protected]
Co-Director and Professor of LawMarc O. DeGirolamiX 67604-03[email protected]

Child Advocacy Clinic

Director, Child Advocacy Clinic and Professor of Clinical Legal EducationJennifer BaumX 1424 2-26B[email protected]

Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic

Director and Professor of Clinical Legal EducationAnn L. GoldweberX 6248 2-26[email protected]
Associate Director and Professor of Clinical Legal EducationGina M. CalabreseX 18482-26[email protected]

Development and Alumni Relations

Associate Dean for Law School AdvancementBrian J. WoodsX 57923-06F[email protected]
Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and Continuing Legal Education  Claire C. McKeeverX 6028 3-06C[email protected]
Advancement OfficerPhilip J. MaroneyX 79913-06H[email protected]
Director of Annual GivingMaryAnna Schwarz-SchaeferX 24383-06E[email protected]
Major Gift OfficerHeather EdwardsX 57823-06I[email protected]
Assistant Director of StewardshpDominique G. CendalesX 58553-06D[email protected]
Assistant Director, Alumni and CLELynne M. KavourgiasX 18673-06D[email protected]

Facilities/Office Services

Facilities AssistantVincent MarshX 60933-12[email protected]

Graduate Studies

Assistant DeanSarah Jean KellyX 83583-01F[email protected]
Director, Graduate StudiesAshleigh G. KashimawoX 69484-44[email protected]
Director, Graduate Admissions & Bankruptcy ProgramsYvette GutierrezX 19233-01[email protected]
Director, Graduate Global EngagementJoshua Alter  [email protected]
Director, Academic AdvisingKathryn PiperX7537301B[email protected]
Director, Legal English ProgramsStephen HorowitzX 66253-01C[email protected]
Director, LL.M., International Sports Law PracticeEttie WardX 66174-04[email protected]
Faculty Director, Transnational Legal Practice, LL.M.Margaret E. McGuinnessX 80184-35[email protected]
Career AdvisorSara DrewX 66563-21[email protected]

Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution

Director, Hugh L. Carey Center and Professor of Legal Practice; Assistant Dean for Dispute Resolution ProgramsElayne E. GreenbergX 81882-01A[email protected]

Information Technology

Manager, Desktop Support Services Tracy BonaventureX 1430 1-11[email protected]


Associate Dean for Library Services and Associate Professor of Legal WritingMartin CerjanX 1578 IM-09[email protected]
Associate Director for Library Technical ServicesJoseph HingerX 1582 1-06[email protected]
Assistant Director of Technical ServicesAllan RyanX 5074 1-06[email protected]
Government/U.N. Documents/Reference LibrarianRosemary LaSalaX 1896 1M-13[email protected]
Senior Circulation LibrarianAstrid EmelX 6826 1-07[email protected]

Marketing and Communications

Assistant Dean for Marketing and CommunicationsTrent AndersonX 66134-52[email protected]
Director of CommunicationsLori HerzX 8351 4-48[email protected]
Junior Graphic DesignerJohn InzettaX 66184-48[email protected]


Receptionist and Office AssistantJoanne D'AncaX 6600 4-58[email protected]


RegistrarAnn HurtX 83504-69[email protected]
Assistant RegistrarCarron AndersonX 6607 4-65[email protected]

The Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development

Director and Professor of LawElaine M. ChiuX 66574-07[email protected]
Assistant Director and Assistant Professor of Legal WritingRosa C. CastelloX 66334-43[email protected]

Securities Arbitration Clinic

Director and Professor of Clinical EducationChristine LazaroX 76272-26[email protected]
Assistant Director and Professor of Legal WritingFrancis J. FaccioloX 18322-26D[email protected]

Special Events

Associate DirectorMaureen R. MulliganX 1950 4-48[email protected]
CoordinatorJennifer ManfrediX 63204-48[email protected]

Student Services

Assistant Dean for StudentsKimathi Gordon-SomersX 54894-78[email protected]
Student Services CoordinatorZachary PiperX 21914-63[email protected]

Writing Center

Director and George F. Keenan Professor of LawMargaret Valentine TuranoX 66324-66[email protected]