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International Sports Law Practice, LL.M.

25 Credits
School of Law
Queens Campus


The LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice for American and Foreign Attorneys is a first-of-its-kind program in the U.S, based at St. John's School of Law. This program is designed for attorneys with a passion for sports and a clear desire to practice in this rewarding global legal specialty.

Taught by the international sporting community’s top lawyers, agents, and managers, the program unites professionals from all around the globe giving you access to the top talent in both U.S. and international sports law. You will engage in a unique course of study consisting of a semester of highly focused and intensive academic courses at St. John’s New York City campus and a semester working full-time in a practice placement with a sports law firm, agency, team, league or regulatory body, either in the U.S. or overseas.   

Through this combination of engaging classroom and experiential learning, doors will open to the exciting global sports law profession and you will thoroughly prepare yourself for the challenges and rewards of a thriving career in this arena.

A Great Sporting University in a Legendary Sports City

The St. John's LL.M. program in International Sports Law Practice is based at St. John’s School of Law, situated on St. John’s University’s scenic campus in Queens, the most culturally diverse, ethnically rich and financially accessible of New York City’s five boroughs.

One of the founding members of the venerable Big East athletic conference, St. John’s University is a storied sporting university. Our Red Storm men’s basketball team has their home court at Madison Square Garden, one of the most famous sports venues in the world. They bring all the thrill of NCAA Division I sports to the University. Adding to the excitement, St. John’s consistently fields top men’s and women’s teams in soccer (1996 national champions), lacrosse, baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball and fencing.

And of course, New York City is home to one of the most storied sports teams in history, the MLB New York Yankees and the Mets, the NFL Jets and Giants, the NBA Knicks and Nets, the MLS Red Bulls and New York City FC and the NHL Rangers and Islanders. New York is also home of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship and the final race of horseracing’s Triple Crown held at Belmont Park.

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Admission to the LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice program at St. John’s School of Law is selective and based upon excellence in prior legal studies. Evidence of academic scholarship as well as professional achievements will be considered. The LL.M. Program is designed to have a limited enrollment in order to enrich the quality of the experience for each LL.M. candidate.

Any American or foreign law school graduate holding a first degree in law (J.D., LL.B. or equivalent) from an ABA-accredited law school or a foreign law school recognized in the country where founded and located.

English Proficiency Tests
Because of the nature of the LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice, it is essential that all students have a high level of comprehension and oral and written expression in the English language. Foreign graduates (other than students from Australia, English-speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) are required to have taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test prior to applying.

Learn more about these requirements on the Office of Transnational Programs site.

English for American Law School
English for American Law School is an intensive four-week summer course designed for students entering St. John’s LL.M. programs who are not native English speakers.  The course’s aim is to familiarize these students with the U.S. legal system and its vocabulary, thereby enabling them to participate more effectively in their studies in the LL.M. Program. 

Apply Now for International Sports Law Practice LL.M.

The LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice is designed for recent graduates with a first degree in law from a U.S. or foreign law school with a passion for sports and a desire for a career in this challenging field. In order to complete the application process, prospective LL.M. students must apply by completing and returning our application forms using one of the following options:

  1. Online at  Law School Admission Council (LSAC), or,
  2. By completing and returning the forms below via email to or via regular mail directly to:

St. John's University
School of Law
Office of Transnational Programs
Suite 301
Queens, N.Y. 11439

Prospective students can now download the application forms for the LL.M. Program in International Sports Law Practice.
Please read all instructions carefully before submitting your application:

Read the full list of application requirements on the Office of Transnational Programs site.
For additional information about program admission, please contact us.


Additional Information

American Law: Discourse & Analysis

St. John’s University School of Law offers a non-degree program, American Law: Discourse and Analysis (“ALDA”), which can be combined with the U.S. Legal Studies LL.M. program at St. John’s.   The program offers foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to master the core principles and concepts of American law.
The ALDA pathway enables students to begin their core LL.M. coursework with a professional level of proficiency in the language, cultural, and analytical skills used in American law. The program teaches the key aspects of U.S. law (in particular constitutional structure, rights, and civil procedure) and the legal analysis skills (spoken and written) required for success in the LL.M. program.  Students who follow the formal ALDA pathway spend two years (4 semesters) completing the ALDA work and their LL.M. courses before completion of the LL.M. degree.

ALDA Courses
ALDA students take three classes each semester for a total of twelve (12) non-degree credits.  Students leave the ALDA program with twenty-four (24) non-degree credits.  The three courses, each one broken into two parts, are:

  • ALDA: Introduction to U.S. Law & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to methods and ideas that are fundamental components of the American legal system, with an emphasis on reading, briefing, and analyzing cases.
  • ALDA: Introduction to Legal Writing & Analysis I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to legal analysis and writing.  Students will learn the fundamental components of communicating with U.S. law firm colleagues and clients through email, client letters and legal memoranda.
  • ALDA: American Law & Legal Culture Project I and II. This course introduces ALDA students to basic concepts in U.S. legal ethics, asks students to consider those concepts in the context of well-known stories and cases of American legal culture, and provides opportunities for students to discuss issues of legal ethics and professional responsibility with members of the legal profession.


Download the program brochure.

We welcome your inquiries about the LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice program at St. John’s School of Law.

General Inquiries

Ettie Ward
Professor of Law
Director, LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice

Iciar Murillo Cruz
International Consultant, LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice
+34 696 372 512 (Spain)

Sarah Jean Kelly
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies

Our Faculty

The LL.M. in International Sports Law Practice program faculty comprises full-time faculty and top practicing attorneys serving as adjunct professors and visiting lecturers. The program faculty includes:

Efraim Barak
Jeffrey Benz
Michele Bernasconi
Cristina A. Carvalho
Benjamin Cohen
Brian M. Cooper
Ricardo de Buen
Juan de Dios Crespo
Anthony Dreyer
Lucas Ferrer
Hilary Forde
Gary Gertzog
Jeffrey B. Gewirtz
Elayne Greenberg
Carlos Kuri
Andrew Latack
Oliver Luck
Dan Malasky
Dr. Reiner Martens
Ettore Mazzilli
Riche McKnight
Jeffrey A. Mishkin
Lou Melendez
Marcos Motta
Daniel F. Mullin
Omar Ongaro
Bill Ordower
Katarina Pijetlovic
Jill Pilgrim
Mikhail Prokopets
Jay K. Reisinger
Julien Sieveking
M. Quentin Williams
Glenn M. Wong
Vered N. Yakovee
Don Zevelo
Adam Zissman

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