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Training and Development

Training and developing our administrators and staff are among the most important things the University can do for its employees. In this rapidly changing environment, employees are constantly being called upon to learn new skills, to work in new and different ways and to change direction at a moment's notice. These qualities are necessary so that our employees can keep up with the new demands that will enable the University to continue to be successful.

The Training and Development Department is committed to helping the University's leaders better manage the performance of their employees and improve leadership effectiveness. The department also helps employees gain the skills they need to stay current in their jobs and, if appropriate, to move on to other opportunities within the University. Since employees interact with students each day in every aspect of University life, we aim to enrich the student experience by developing our employees and leaders.

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Partnership for Performance
For more information regarding the Partnership for Performance, please contact HR Services at 718-990-1502.


Eileen Caufield
Associate Director of Training  

Lisa J. Goldrick
Training and Development Assistant