Prospective Graduate Student Information

Congratulations on choosing to pursue a graduate degree. We hope you will find everything you are looking for inside of these pages.

Programs of Study
Learn about our specializations and requirements necessary to successfully complete your degree.

MBA Curriculum
Students can learn what course studies are available per this updated and flexible MBA curriculum.

Admission FAQ
Still unsure about pursuing an MBA? Questions from GPA requirements to required credits for completion are answered here.

Need to take the GMAT? This will give you information about where to send your scores, as well as direct you to a site about the exam.

Core Courses
Learn about the courses you will need to take to complete your MBA at Tobin.

Learn about the various academic departments within The Tobin College of Business, and meet the Chairs.

Specialty Courses
There are plenty of opportunities within the Tobin college to explore the professional, international and business worlds.

International Students
Learn about requirements for admission, TOEFL requirements and insights from currently enrolled international students.

Honor Societies
Students who academically qualify are given the opportunity to join one of the many honor societies offered here.