Vincentian Institute for Social Action

To more visibly embed St. John’s mission into the educational experience of its students, the University established the Vincentian Institute for Social Action.

The Institute provides an organizational focus for a variety of programs where faculty and students can explore issues of poverty and social injustice. Through Institute programs, students have the opportunity to enhance their studies with skill-building experiences in the community. In addition, faculty members are able to pursue research at local agencies or guide students as research mentors.

To find out more about the Vincentian Institute for Social Action, please contact us at 718-990-8331.

Faculty Research Consortium

The Vincentian Institute for Social Action was created to provide faculty and students with an academic platform to address issues of social injustice. Responsible for the academic integrity of the Institute is the Faculty Research Consortium (FRC). 
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Academic Service - Learning

Academic service-learning at St. John’s University is a classroom/ experiential site- based program that involves students in some form of required community service that benefits the common (public) good and uses service as a means of understanding course concepts. 
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Ozanam Scholars

Working closely with dedicated faculty and administrators, Ozanam Scholars investigate and address real-world social justice issues, inspiring change throughout their college careers and beyond. 
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Community Partnerships

The Vincentian Institute for Social Action (VISA) currently works with a series of agencies. In establishing these relationships, the Institute identified agencies committed to alleviating poverty and improving opportunities for at-risk groups. 
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Advantage Academy

The Advantage Academy was established in 2009 as an innovative partnership between St. John’s University and the New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS).  
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Contact Us

To find out more about the Vincentian Institute for Social Action, please contact us at 718-990-8331.