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The School of Education

Principals and superintendents often comment on the high quality of our graduates—their professionalism, toolbox of teaching strategies, knowledge of subject matter, and ability to engage their students. Our graduates enjoy an enviable post-graduation employment track record despite the prevailing economic challenges. We have also played a key role in shaping New York educational policies by working collaboratively with city and state officials.”
- Jerrold Ross, Ph.D., Dean, The School of Education 

Cultivating Preferred Educators

Start on your path to a rewarding and challenging profession at The School of Education. You’ll find professional development for students and faculty, excellence in teaching and scholarly research, and meaningful service-learning that will make you sought after by both public and private schools across the globe.

Variety of Programs and Majors

Obtain a rich foundation for your future. Our variety of programs, internships, and academic organizations expand the value and application of your education and training. We ready students for the complexities of an ever-changing world filled with an increasingly diverse student population.

Dedicated Faculty

Our faculty is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence. Their devotion is evident by their industrious work in the field and dedication to remaining current with technology, methodologies, and student needs. St. John’s professors help their students to become well-trained, compassionate educators ready to change the world.

Outstanding Departments and Centers

Our departments and centers give you the edge to succeed and meet your goals. We have all the excellent resources and tools to prepare you for teaching certification or administrative, supervisory, and leadership roles. At St. John’s you’ll be ready for a distinctive and accomplished future.

Contact the School of Education

Have questions? Get in touch with us though the link below.