In the Media

November 30, 2015

Chair of Government and Politics and Professor Diane J. Heith discusses how Politicians are using polls to tailor their message. 

She claims, "Citizens want their views represented while decisions are being made. Polls provide that opportunity in a way that elections do not. But politicians control how polls are used, and if used to manipulate, then we may be worse off than if we didn’t have them at all." To continue reading, please click here

November 7, 2015

Briane Browne, the Assistant Vice President for Government Relations, sat with a pannel to analyze Michael McMahanon's win in the race for Staten Island District Attorney. Click here to view more.  

November 6, 2015

St. John's Academic Lecture Series featuring Brandon Stanton and our own "Humans of SJU" campaign was featured on Net TV

November 6, 2015

Brian Browne, Assistant Vice President for Government Relations, sits down with Angi Gonzalez from NY1 to discuss the results of the Queens election.

November 3, 2015

Public health expert Preety Gadhoke discusses Chipotle E-Coli outbreak. Click here to see coverage on

November 2, 2015

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio presented Joe Sciame with Knighthood in the Order of St. Sylvester.  To view NET-TV's coverage, click here.

October 30, 2015

Editors and reporters form NET-TV, The Tablet and Catholic New York spoke with students about their handeling of the Pope's visit to New York. Click here to view NET-TV's coverage.


October 19, 2015

Organized Crime Expert, Prof. Howard Abadinsky, discusses the Lufthansa heist trial of Vincent Asaro on MSNBC-TV.

October 19, 2015

Most of the other suspected participants in the robbery disappeared, were killed or died, making it difficult for authorities to piece the case together.

"Once you kill one guy, you gotta kill them all, because otherwise they'll get scared," said Howard Abadinsky, an organized crime expert and a professor at St John's University in New York. "He’s one of the few guys that's still alive." To continue reading, click here.

October 19, 2015

“Now people refer to people by their first names,” said Tom Kerr, a professor of illustration at St. John’s University who attended the screening. “Fewer people are anonymous now.”