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NJTRANSIT Quik-Tik Discount Program

Full-time St. John's undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive a rail, bus, or light rail monthly pass at 25% off of the regular monthly pass price from NJTRANSIT when you enroll with Quik-Tik.

What Is Quik-Tik?

Quik-Tik by NJTRANSIT offers the convenience of auto-pay combined with online account management. You will receive your student monthly pass directly through the mail and your credit card automatically billed.

  • You must sign up by the 10th of the month to receive your monthly pass for the travel in the next month. (Enrollment must be completed on or before the 10th of the previous month to receive the pass for the next month.)
  • A nonrefundable $3 processing fee will be applied each month in addition to the fare for the pass.
  • After you enroll for Quik-Tik, you will receive a new monthly pass in the mail each and every month unless you choose to suspend your account.
  • If you choose to suspend your monthly pass (winter or summer break), you will need to reactivate your account once again.
  • Students who participate in this program agree that the monthly pass is for their exclusive use only. Each student is eligible to receive one discounted monthly pass per month. Passes are non-transferable. Any abuse or purposeful deception will result in the cancellation of the student's monthly pass account, and (s)he will be unable to participate in the program in the future. This will also apply to any other student who is knowingly involved.

How to Use

New Quik-Tik Users (enroll): Use the form below to sign up, which will verify your full-time status automatically for Quik-Tik. When you sign up, the price of the monthly pass you order will automatically reflect the 25% student discount. You will also create a Quik-Tik username and password. Please keep this information; you will need it to view and manage your account.

Returning Quik-Tik Users (reactivate): If you are an existing Quik-Tik customer, all you need to do is reactivate your account. After your account is reactivated, you will again receive monthly passes each month on an automatic basis until next May.

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