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Faculty in Residence

Student and faculty interaction outside of the formal classroom setting is considered and essential characteristic of a vibrant intellectual community.

The Faculty in Residence program at St. John’s University provides faculty members and their families with the unique opportunity to live in a residential community with students.

Faculty in Residence integrates learning inside and outside of the classroom by providing a role model and teacher who strengthens the academic, intellectual, and social culture of our residential community.


Faculty in Residence helps foster an academic environment by planning two events per semester for residential students in each assigned hall. These events are intellectual, creative, and social learning opportunities and include but are not limited to:

  • Inviting students and another faculty member for dinner
  • Showing a movie or film series in hall
  • Attending a movie followed by an intellectual discussion and analysis
  • Organizing a group of students to attend a cultural event or lecture (on or off campus)
  • Inviting faculty to the residence hall for a lecture or discussion with students
  • Inviting speakers lecturing on campus to the residence hall for an informal follow-up discussion
  • Interact formally and informally with resident students
  • Act as a liaison between faculty members and resident students in order to establish greater faculty-student interaction
  • Attend an initial planning meeting and subsequent meetings with the building Resident Director and other Faculty in Residence to establish a coordinated community effort
  • Participate in move-in weekend activities
  • Participate in RA staff meetings once a month
  • Attend or participate in established Residence Life Programming
  • Plan one academic program in the Residential Success Center each semester (i.e. study session, academic success workshop, lecture)