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Diversity Peer Education Program

Diversity Peer Educators!
The mission of Diversity Peer Education Program is to help create a learning environment that celebrates diversity, builds partnerships, and provides support to enhance the success of an inclusive and culturally respectful university campus.

The Diversity Peer Education Program strives to promote experiences characterized by open communication that deepens understanding of culture and heritage, to promote respect for commonalities and differences in historical and cultural contexts, to encourage civic and social responsibility within our communities, and to help make the campus a welcoming place for everyone.

Workshop Themes

The purpose of this workshop is to identify what a Microaggression is and how to recognize and respond to everyday instances.

Diversity 101
This workshop is designed to examine characteristics of one’s own identities and learn about other identities.

The objective of this workshop is to examine stereotypes and the complexities and implications of them.

Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation
This workshop will examine cultural experiences and traditions and ways to appropriately celebrate them.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation Around Identity
Coming soon!

Don’t see a workshop that is suitable for your event, organization, or department? We can tailor a workshop that meets your needs and requirements!

For more information on how to request a workshop, contact Jennifer Nival, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs at [email protected].

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