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For Faculty

 “Need to Know” Information about Disabilities for Faculty

  • Accommodating students is a shared responsibility between the student, faculty and ODS based upon the documented needs of the student and in keeping with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, section 504.
  • Most common accommodations include: alternative testing (extended time in a separate location), reader or scribe for testing, alternative texts, assistance with access challenges, note taker, and sign language interpretation.
  • Maintain confidentiality. Please be aware of what a sensitive issue it is to be a person with a disability, even during current times.  You will be notified that the student has a disability and the required reasonable accommodations, but the nature of that disability is a private matter which the student is not obliged to reveal to you.
  • When in doubt, ask. The ODS welcomes your consultation regarding issues and concerns you have about your student. ADA requires that we “level the playing ground” and protect students from discrimination, not that we provide unfair advantages. If you have questions regarding the reasonableness of an accommodation, please contact us.
  • Visit the “Faculty Room” (website below), an excellent website providing a wide range of information for postsecondary school faculty and administrators.

Student Accommodation Letter for Faculty

  • A student seeking reasonable accommodations must register with an Office of Disability Services administrator, who reviews his/her documentation in order to determine if the student has a verifiable disability.
  • The documentation is, then, assessed by the Disability Services Committee, a group of University health care professionals.  If the Committee confirms the authenticity of the disability, a letter regarding accommodations is provided by ODS to the student. This letter is presented by the student to his/her professors in order to notify them of the disability and required accommodations.