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Outreach Services

The Center for Counseling and Consultation (CCC) is eager to support you through its outreach program initiatives.

Our outreach services can serve as preventative care. By giving you information about important topics affecting you, we can help you feel empowered to think about your health and wellness differently and perhaps recognize ways of getting assistance for you and your community.

Here are the various mental health outreach topics we present on, and you may also request outreach for your campus organization:

Outreach Topics

  • Anxiety 101
  • Am I Depressed?
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Diversity 101
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Intro to Group Counseling
  • Mental Health 101
  • Social Anxiety and College
  • Social Media
  • Stress Effects
  • Study Skills /Time Management
  • Wellness the Mind Body Connection
  • Decision Making
  • Mindfulness (guided meditations/ imagery)
  • Wise Mind Workshop: Mindfulness
  • Wise Mind Workshop: Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Wise Mind Workshop: Distress Tolerance
  • Wise Mind Workshop: Emotion Regulation
  • Career Exploration and Coaching
  • About Psychology Careers

Outreach Offerings

  • Trainings and Screenings
  • Anxiety/Stress Screenings
  • Campus Connect: Gatekeeper Suicide Training
  • Depression Screenings
  • Nutrition Screenings

Please note that all request for outreach need to be made at least two weeks in advance. This allows us to better serve your needs and outreach goals. And if you don’t see the topic you want, we take requests with at least three weeks notice.


Submit an Outreach Request

Complete the online form to request an outreach program on a topic of your choice.

Additional Outreach Information

For more information, you may contact Schekeva P. Hall, Ph.D., at 718-990-6384 or [email protected].