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Health and Wellness

At St John’s, we know that being healthy and being successful go hand in hand. This is a time for you to learn what it takes to care for yourself not only during college but for the rest of your life.

Take advantage of a free and confidential online self-screenings. These can help you quickly learn more about yourself and whether you might benefit from additional support to get yourself back on track.

Counseling & Consultation

Need any extra support coping with a personal or emotional issue? Our staff is here to help.
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Crisis Intervention

In case of emergency: Contact (Queens: 718-990-5252; Staten Island: 718-390-4487) or dial 911.
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Sexual Assault

You are not alone in what happened to you, or in how you feel, no matter what form your experience took.
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SOAR works to prevent and reduce the traumatic impact of sexual assault, dating and relationship violence, and stalking.
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Disability Services

We aid students with permanent and temporary disabilities in gaining access to the educational possibilities here. 
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Student Health Services

We can help you obtain your optimal level of well being; our services are free and confidential for all students.
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Wellness Education

Our Wellness Education Team wants to put the information you need to make healthy choices in your hands.
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Campus Recreation

Looking for opportunities to participate in a variety of formal and informal activities.
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