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St. John's Reopens: 2020-2021 Academic Year

St. John's Reopens

St. John's reopening plan closely follows expert guidelines for higher education provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) (e.g., the DOH’s “Interim Guidance for Higher Education during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency,”), and more locally, provided by our partners at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staying St. John's Strong

Over its 150-year history, the St. John’s community has faced many challenges, often as a result of events that also affected our city, our country, and our world. COVID-19 stands out among them. Our ability to sustain our institutional mission—of teaching, scholarship, community engagement, and more—has never before relied so heavily on each of our individual actions. The success of this fall has proven once again we are up to the challenge, making clear that we are willing to act collectively to keep each other safe and healthy, even in the face of the countless personal, local, national, and international difficulties that have emerged over the past months.

In this introduction, we carry a single message: thank you. We are stronger because we have remained united in our approach to the pandemic, and we will remain strong as we carry this same sprit into the spring semester. We are also fortified by recent, positive updates related to vaccine trials, welcome news that reinforces our commitment to remaining vigilant and caring for each other until the pandemic has passed.

This website provides information for students, faculty, administration, staff, and our broader St. John’s family as we continue to maintain health and well-being as our first priority. As a community, we will continue to work together to keep our campuses safe while remaining faithful to our mission.

St. John’s is ready for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Whether you plan to join us on campus or take a full course load online, an academically enriching fall 2021 semester is just around the corner.

We encourage you to learn about how St. John’s University maintained a healthy learning environment this past year and how we are excited for great things later this year. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

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Reopening Information

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Information for Students

Learn more about academic policies, on-campus health protocols, and how St. John's is making student wellness a priority as we reopen.

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Information for Faculty, Staff, and Administration

Learn more about new COVID-19 policies, facilities modifications, and how St. John's is making faculty, administration, and staff wellness a priority as we reopen.

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Learn about changes to our academic calendar, course formats available for the fall semester, and faculty resources.

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On-Campus Health and COVID-19 Monitoring

Learn about our wellness screening app, as well as our procedures for daily wellness screenings, contact tracing, self-isolation, testing, and monitoring key metrics.

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Other Campus Services

Learn about facilities, campus dining, and enhanced cleaning protocols.

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Key Contacts

Find out who to contact regarding reopening questions, and review campus communications.