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Centers and Institutes

St. John’s provides a variety of training programs, events, activities, and services—including multicultural, local, and globally centered initiatives—that enhance and support the efforts of students and faculty and contribute to the community at large. Find out about more of our Centers and Institutes below.

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The College’s Academic Success Center (ASC) was developed to provide academic support to enhance student success in the various programs offered on...

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The Department of Clinical Health Professions (CHP) teaches students the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for contemporary clinical pharmacy...

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St. John's University acquired Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers School of Allied Health Professions in Fresh Meadows in March of 2007. The 40...

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St. John’s University’s Emergency Medical Services institute provides quality training to Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who treat a cross-section of patients primarily in pre-hospital settings. Paramedics and EMTs perform a number of medical services and are an integral part to the health care team.

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The Health Education Resource Center of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of St. John’s University commits itself to supporting the College...

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Improving the Way We Live From new medications to genetics, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries harness biological processes to meet our...

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For undergraduate education, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides students with a solid background in pharmaceutics, biomedical sciences...

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Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy Administration and Public Health in College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at St John’s University. St. John’s...

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The St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers two-year post Pharm. D. fellowship programs designed to train the Doctor of...

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