The Humanities department is comprised of theologians and philosophers in the Collins College of Professional Studies. An important part of the college’s mission is to provide an education that is value-oriented and consistent with St. John’s University’s grounding in the Catholic community. The Catholic education tradition has always emphasized the indispensability of Theology and Philosophy for understanding the major questions about human life, the world and God:

  • Where do we come from?
  • Can God’s existence be proven?
  • What is God essence?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is the human being?
  • What should religion’s role be in society?
  • What is good and what is evil?

Such an analysis is founded on a faith-reason perceptive that includes the scientific but tries to look deeper than just the sensible experience of the world to the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions. In the Collins College of Professional Studies, the Humanities Department serves a support role by providing common and distributive core courses in Theology and Philosophy to our students in the professional programs. Beyond the common core courses of “Perspectives on Christianity: A Catholic Approach” and “Philosophy of the Human Person,” the faculty offers more advanced courses on the Bible, Mystery of God, Philosophical Theology, World Religion, Religion and Popular Culture, Marriage, Ethics, Logic and Metaphysics. Each student is required to take three courses in Theology and Philosophy respectively. The purpose of having a Humanities Department in a professional school is to try to integrate the practical and theoretical aspects of education so that the student emerges a well-rounded individual with the necessary resources to be both professionally and personally successful.

For further information, please contact:

Craig Baron, Ph.D.
Chair, Division of Humanities
Queens campus
St. Augustine Hall 2-010
[email protected]