Health Education Resource Center (HERC)

The Health Education Resource Center of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of St. John’s University commits itself to supporting the College’s commitment to scholarship and service to humanity through the application of biomedical knowledge.

The Resource Center provides content-based information resources, research support, and reference services to assist the College’s students, faculty, alumni, and friends. 

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We provide:

  • Reference services  
  • Research training and development
  • Access to print & electronic textbooks & journals
  • Access to copiers, printers, computers on location
  • Large format/poster printing
  • Conference/study rooms
  • Assist with obtaining full-text content
  • Assist with e-Reserve setup and maintenance

Health Education Resource Center (HERC)
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Sr. Jane M. Durgin Pharmacy Education Center
St. Augustine Hall B40
Queens Campus
Phone: 718-990-6673
[email protected]

Hours of Operation*
Fall & Spring Semesters
Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m.– 7:30 p.m.
Friday  – 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Summer Sessions
Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday  – Closed

*Hours of operation may vary at times, and are subject to change at any time.  Any changes will be posted throughout the Resource Center.

Contact Information

Reference & Circulation Desk 

Jessica Deleon 
HERC Services Coordinator 
[email protected]

Jaclyn Vialet, M.L.S., A.H.I.P. 
[email protected]


1. I can’t retrieve an article or book chapter I need for a research paper can HERC assist me?

Yes. Email the article or book citation to [email protected], or stop by for personal assistance. We normally can track down a copy of what you are looking for within our subscriptions and collections or via interlibrary loan, on your behalf. Want to submit your own interlibrary loan requests, visit Interlibrary Loan

2. What are interlibrary loan and document delivery services?   

When access to a book, book chapter, or article is not available in the University’s collections, we can assist by requesting a copy of what you are looking for to a partnering institution via Interlibrary Loan, on your behalf (some restrictions apply). Users are encouraged to setup their own interlibrary accounts as well. The item you request will be retrieved from another institution for free or for a small fee.  Once the item requested is received, you will be contacted. Document delivery services applies to providing you with access to the content held within our subscriptions and collections, which is delivered to you either in print or electronic format.

3. Do we have access to electronic journals (eJournals)?

Yes, via Online Journals.  Search by subject, title, or ISSN. Remember not all of our journal subscriptions are electronic so remember to also check the Library’s Catalog. Still not sure if we have access to a journal? Email us at [email protected].  

4. Do we have access to peer-reviewed articles?

Yes. Most of the bibliographic databases we have access to hold peer-reviewed articles, and give you the ability to filter by peer-reviewed articles. PubMed Filters, EMBASE Filters, EBSCO Limiters, ProQuest Results.  Not sure how to get started with using our databases?  Sign up for a Basic Research session

5. How do I get the full-text copy for the abstract I am reviewing? 

If you are on campus, and click on the “Full Text” or “Find Full Text” buttons within the database you are using, the database will search the University’s electronic subscriptions for you automatically. If it is not able to retrieve the article, remember to search for the journal in the Library’s Catalog because we may have access to it in print. 

If you are off campus, you will have to search the University’s journal collections manually, using Online Journals and the Library’s Catalog. Click here for instructions on how to search for a full-text article off campus. Still cannot find it? Email us the citation so we can help: [email protected]  

6. How can I obtain a thesis I need for my research? 

Please gather the title, author, year the thesis was published, and the mentor’s name, and email your request to [email protected]. Students can also search the Library’s Catalog using the same information, and filter by “Dissertations, theses,” but keep in mind recently published theses and dissertations may not be logged into the catalog, and so often times we work with the Library to obtain a copy for the student to view on location. 

7. Can I borrow books from HERC?

No. HERC is a non-circulating library so books may only be used at HERC. We do have photocopiers and a scanner for your convenience, and offer document delivery services. To see what we have available both in print and electronically, check out our catalog.

8. Does HERC provide access to Ebooks?

Yes we do.  Check out our catalog. Direct links to publishers providing electronic access can be found right under the search bar. 

9. How do I access AccessPharmacy/AccessMedicine?

When on campus, you can go directly to the site, or  When off campus, both sites can be accessed via HERC’s Catalog or Databases A-Z.

10. Is there an RX Prep book available to students?

No. However, HERC arranges a discounted price for 6th year students, which is directly communicated to them by the program director. Students can also find NAPLEX review materials via AccessPharmacy and Pharmacy Library 

11. How do I access Pharmacy Library?

When on campus, you can go directly to the site,  When off campus, the site can be accessed via HERC’s Catalog or Databases A-Z.  Click here for instructions on how to create a Pharmacy Library account.

12. Can I share an ebook and/or articles with my students?

Yes, as long as it is for coursework and/or study purposes to maintain copyright under fair use.  The content can be shared via Blackboard, however it must be removed once the semester is over.

1. I need help with managing my citations for my research. Do we have access to a citation manager like Zotero or EndNote? 

Yes. Zotero seems to be very user friendly. Click here to set up an appointment for a one-on-one overview, or check out Zotero’s Documentation section to get started. Users also have access to EndNote via Web of Science

2. Can you help me search for articles using databases such as, PubMed or Embase?

Yes, click here to set up a one-on-one appointment. PubMed Tutorials, EMBASE Tutorials are also available. 

3. Do we have access to EndNote?
Yes, step-by-step instructions can be found via the Library Resource page for Citation Tools/Bibliographic Managers.

1. Do we have access to mobile apps?

Yes, click here for a list of mobile apps students have access to with instructions on how to set them up on your mobile device. 

2. Do we have free access to drug info mobile apps?

Yes, you have free access to several apps, such as MicroMedex and Drugs by PubMed. Click here for more information.

3. Do we have free access to the Lexicomp mobile app?

No, however there may be discounts for students.  Please contact [email protected], for more information.  Students have free access to the MicroMedex app, which is a great alternative.  Click here for instructions.

4. How do I create an account for PA Exam Prep?

You must be on campus to register for an account.  Click here to register for an account.  Please note, if you are not on campus and need to setup an account, email us, [email protected] for assistance with setting up an account.

5. Can I access PA Exam Prep off-campus?

Yes, once your account is set up.

6. Do we have access to USP-NF?

Yes, click here for instructions.  Please note, if you are not on campus and need to setup an account, email us, [email protected] for assistance with setting up an account.

7. Do we have access to USAN and USP Compounding?

Yes, please email your request to [email protected]. Access is limited to one user at a time. 

8. What do I do if I am having trouble accessing a database from off-campus, or I am receiving an error message that we do not subscribe to the database, but I know we do? 

Email [email protected] for technical assistance. We will work with our vendors, Information Technology, and the main library to troubleshoot and resolve the issue you are experiencing. We will also assist you if there is any specific content you were trying to retrieve or needed access to, as best we can. 

9. My Visible Body app on my phone worked last week, but is not working today, why? 

You have to re-authenticate yourself as a subscriber, by simply accessing the app while connected to the University’s WiFi network, SJUMobile. 

10. My UpToDate App on my tablet worked last week, but is not working today, why? 

You have to log into your individual UpToDate account while on campus and connected to the University’s network, to re-authenticate yourself as a subscriber. For assistance, please email [email protected].  

11. I cannot access the NAPLEX questions on PharmacyLibrary, what do I do? 

You must create an APHA account. Click here for instructions. If you are off campus and need assistance please email [email protected]

12. I cannot access AccessPharmacy from my mobile device, it says my credentials are no longer valid. Why? 

You have to log into your individual MyAccess account while on campus and connected to the University’s network, to re-authenticate yourself as a subscriber. For assistance, please email [email protected].

13. I cannot log into my Pharmacist Letter account. What should I do? 

It appears, the typical issue is more than one account has been created with a St. John’s email address, and as a result, the user is locked out. While the vendor is investigating a way to eliminate the ability to create multiple accounts with the same email address, you can resolve the issue by contacting Therapeutic Research at: [email protected] or 209-472-2240. While working with Therapeutic Research you will want to  confirm which St. John’s email address domain you used to create your account - or Lastly, keep in mind that you only have to create your Pharmacist Letter account once, and it will carry through until your email address at St. John’s  is no longer active.  

1. Are poster printing services available to students and faculty members in HERC?

Yes, we print posters for conferences and/or presentations, such as ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting, free of charge specifically for faculty and students that are part of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  Click here for our poster printing guidelines.

2. I am not a part of the College of Pharmacy, may I still submit a request to print my poster?

Yes, however a poster printing request form must be filled out and approved by your Department Chair/Budget Administrator Approver.  Please note there is a $75 fee per poster.  All requests must be submitted no later than one (1) week prior to the print due date.

3. I am presenting at more than one conference this academic year, is there a limit on the number of posters I can print?

No, however we cannot reprint a poster due to errors found after the final poster has been printed.

4. Is there a size limit for posters?

Yes, we are limited due to the size of the poster paper.  We cannot print posters that exceed 42” in width.

5. Does HERC provide poster templates?

Yes, we have templates for the standard sizes, 36x48 and 56x42.  Please email your request for a template to [email protected]. We can also assist you with formatting your file with Live Assistance

6. Does HERC provide the school logo?

Yes, please email your request to [email protected] for the official college logo.

7. I need assistance setting up the dimensions on my PPT slide. 

Please email your request to [email protected] or visit us for in-person assistance.  We now offer live assistance via Microsoft Teams.

8. What happens if the dimensions of my PowerPoint slide do not match the size I would like to print my poster on?

If dimensions of your Powerpoint slide do not match the dimensions you want to print your poster, particularly if you are expanding a smaller poster into a larger poster, there is a high probability that your images and content will be distorted and blurry. That is why we recommend your PowerPoint slide be the same size as the poster you intend to print. Click here for our poster printing guidelines.

9. Will my images look blurry?

All images should have a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. To evaluate if an image is going to print blurry either review the properties of an image before inserting it into your slide, by right clicking on the image and checking the DPI, or insert the image onto your slide, expand it to the size you need it to be, and then zoom into it at 150% or higher. If the image is blurry when you zoom in, it will print blurry when it is expanded for the poster. 

10. I am not sure how to check the dpi, is there another way to test out my images?

Yes, you can zoom into the image over 100% once it’s inserted into the slide.  If the image looks blurry, then it will print blurry.  For more tips, check out our Guidelines.

11. What type of paper are the posters printed on?

Posters are printed on glossy photo paper.

12. I need assistance formatting my poster, can HERC assist me?

Yes, we can assist you in-person or via Microsoft Teams.  

13. I have reviewed my poster, and I am ready to print. Do I need to make an appointment to print?

No, you do not need an appointment to print a poster.  You can simply email your PowerPoint file or PDF file to [email protected].  However, we highly recommend printing your poster with sufficient time, as we do get a high volume of poster printing requests throughout the academic year.  We cannot guarantee a time or day for your request to be filled as we may have a long list of requests ahead of yours. See our guidelines for our Poster Printing Hours.

1. Are study rooms available in HERC?

Yes, we have study rooms available for students to use, Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Rooms may be used for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.  Please note you must have a minimum of three (3) students at the time of the request.  All three (3) students must be present in the study room during the allotted study time, otherwise you risk losing the room. All StormCards must be turned in at the front desk for all parties using the room at the time of reservation. 

2. Can faculty members use study rooms for office hours?

Yes, however please note that a room must be reserved in advanced for no longer than two (2) hours. Reservations will be honored for up to 15 minutes past the reserved time.  If the there is a request for a room, and the time has lapsed the reservations is forfeited. 

3. Can study rooms be reserved for student organization meetings?

Yes, however please note that a room must be reserved in advanced for no longer than two (2) hours. Reservations will be honored for up to 15 minutes past the reserved time.  If the there is a request for a room, and the time has lapsed the reservations is forfeited. 

4. Can anybody walk into the study rooms at any given time?

No, both students and faculty members must request a study room from one of our staff members at the front desk.  Students, please note that you must have at least three (3) students in order to reserve a room.  All 3 students must be present at the time of the request and must remain in the room during the allotted study time.

5. Is food allowed in the study rooms?

No, food is not allowed in the study rooms, however we do allow beverages.  If you are found eating in the room, you risk losing the room and may be asked to leave.

1. Is HERC open all year long?

Yes, however our hours are subject to change throughout the year.  Click here for our semester hours.

2. Is color printing available in HERC?

No, however color printing is available in Sullivan Hall (right across from HERC).

3. Can I order business cards via St. John’s University?

Yes, please visit Student Business Cards.

4. Are tutoring services available in HERC?

Yes, via the Academic Success Center.  Tutoring walk-in hours are available Monday – Thursday 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Tutors can be emailed directly for availability and to set up an appointment.  Click here for more information.