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Sr. Maragret John Kelly, D.C.

Vincentian Center for Church and Society

Sr. Margaret John Kelly, D.C., Vincentian Center for Church and Society


The Vincentian Center for Church and Society and the Vincentian Chair of Social Justice encourage University/Church relations and interdisciplinary research on poverty and social justice. In collaboration with the Deans and with a team of faculty, the Center has adopted the following focus for its Vincentian research.

“In keeping with the Vincentian tradition of concern for the poor and marginalized in society, the Vincentian Center for Church and Society conducts interdisciplinary research aimed at identifying and responding to the causes of poverty and social injustice, especially in urban areas. The Center encourages solutions which are adaptable, effective and concrete, and which embody the spirit of compassion and service exemplified by the life of St. Vincent de Paul. The Center supports research which can contribute to effective public policy initiatives and which can enlighten public discourse.”
The Center and Chair sponsor research, colloquia, lectures, film study series, conversations and conferences which focus on the Vincentian vision and which live out the Catholic University’s responsibility to continue the Catholic intellectual tradition through rigorous research and respectful dialogue and collaboration in services.  The Center also focuses on those areas where the University and the Church have mutual interests and seeks to respond to them through various types of programming such as clerical formation and church management.