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Phyllis Conn

Using Peer Response to Foster Engagement in a Core Course

Phyllis Conn, St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Institute for Core Studies;
Graduate Students: Cassandra Richardson-Coughlin and Emmanuella Bonga-Bikele

Student engagement is a key part of bringing meaning to the core curriculum.  This presentation will discuss a systematic approach to using writing and peer response to foster engagement in Discover New York.  Peer response was used as a way to promote active learning and encourage students to take ownership of their research and writing in the course. Students workshopped in class, working with partners to listen to each other’s drafts in progress through the stages of the research project. Peer response techniques were used to build a sense of community within the course and to help students think about learning through writing. Students also worked on their research and writing with peers from the university’s Writing Center outside of class. This presentation will include perspectives from students who participated in these projects and the two undergraduate Writing Fellows who worked with these students.