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Nissa Mazzola

Physician Perspectives on the Management of the Insulin Dependant Patient with Diabetes

Nissa Mazzola, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice; Student: Daniel Coletti


The objective of this study was to assess the perception of barriers to insulin initiation by the physician. A secondary objective was to determine the perceived value of the Certified Diabetes Educator and the role in successfully managing the insulin dependant patient with diabetes.

A 19 question paper survey was distributed to all resident and attending physicians within a large, hospital based outpatient medicine facility. Results suggest that the diabetes educator is seen as a valuable member of the patient care team, and physicians are interested in learning more about their specific role. In-service training will be conducted to educate physicians about the role of the diabetes educator and the components of care addressed at each visit. The physician barriers obtained in this investigation are consistent with other research and include risk of hypoglycemia and patient willingness to try insulin. Educational initiatives to use a patient -centered approach when transitioning to insulin therapy to overcome barriers will be developed and implemented.
Further analysis will examine whether discrepancies exist across the two study sites and action plans will be adjusted accordingly