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2013 Faculty Participants

Faculty participate in the annual Faculty Research Forum to showcase their research and further the University’s goal of fostering a culture of academic excellence.

Sandra Schamroth Abrams
Gamified Vocabulary: Online, Inside, and Outside the Classroom

Ebtesam Ahmed, Maha Saad
Evaluating Patient Education Material of Medications Commonly Used in Palliative Care

Elizabeth Albert
On the Waterfront: A Location-based Exhibition for Campus-wide Engagement

Christine Angel, Gina Marandino
Programmatic Assessment: Using ePortfolios in the Division of Library and Information Science Program at St. John’s University

Barrett P. Brenton
Yeimiu – Cultural Heritage as an Avenue for Sustainable Community Development among Indigenous Shuar Communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Promoting Social Justice through Service-Learning and Community-Based Research

David P. Brown
Synthesis and Evaluation of Natural Product Hybrids as New Microtubule-binding Drug Candidates

Guofang Chen
Functional Composite Polymer Nanostructures and their Applications

Phyllis Conn
Using Peer Response to Foster Engagement in a Core Course

Timothy Gordon Coville
Building a Distance Learning Course for Students and Accreditation

Hannah Berliner Fischthal

Maura C. Flannery
The Herbarium as Muse: Plant Specimens as Inspiration

Andrea Oliva Florendo
The Painted Harp: A Note, A Brushstroke and A Flower Story

Almerinda Forte
The Moral Reasoning of Sports Management Students in the United States and Italy

Office of Institutional Research
Office of Institutional Research: A Resource for University Research
Minna Aslama Horowitz
Global Challenges of National Media Landscapes: The mapping Digital Media Project

Gregory Hughes, Priti Patel
Medical Resident Choices in Drug Information Resources

Tomasz Z. Jodlowski
Selection of Optimal Empiric Antimicrobial Therapy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the Greater New York City Area

Sr. Margaret John Kelly, D.C.
Vincentian Center for Church and Society

Thomas M. Kitts
Popular Music:  John Fogerty

Ming-hui Li
The Relationship among Sense of Coherence, Coping Strategies, and Interpersonal Patterns in a Non-Clinical Population

Philip S. Lukeman
Undergraduate-Conducted DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Photochemical Switch Control – Virus-Binding ‘Claws’ – Designer Triangle

Lin L. Mantell
HMGB1 Mediates Hyperoxia-induced Impairment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clearance and Inflammatory Lung Injury

Gina Marandino, Kathryn Shaughnessy
ICTs in Service of Research, Teaching and Learning 

Ashley T. Martino
Capsid Mutants in Adeno-Associated Gene Therapy Viral Vectors (AAV) Have Potential to Avoid Immune Responses and Improve Gene Correction

Nissa Mazzola
Physician Perspectives on the Management of the Insulin Dependant Patient with Diabetes 

Elise G. Megehee

Moti Mizrahi
Non-native English Speakers in Philosophy

Audrey Figueroa Murphy
Integrating Aesthetics into Professional Development for Teachers of English Learners
Jay Nathan
Entrepreneurship Culture and Survey in the Republic of Mongolia

Mary Noe
Who needs “Friends”?

Victor Poast
Color Music Mass

Sandra E. Reznik
The Role of Endothelin-1 in Endotoxin-Triggered Release of Placental Pro-inflammatory Cytokines

Helene Robinson
Arts Integration and the Success of Disadvantaged Students: A Research Evaluation

Sharon See
Assessing the Validity of Community Acquired Pneumonia Hospital Admissions

Mary Beth Schaefer
Urban Middle School Students’ Experiences in a College Immersion Program

Richard Sinatra, Melissa Lanctot

Benjamin Turner
Using Wikipedia to Promote Critical Thinking and Research Skills among Undergraduates

Huizhong Xu
Extraordinary Optical Transmission through ZnO Nanowire Waveguides in Silver

Yue (Angela) Zhuo