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Expanding the Borders of Knowledge

St. John’s is dedicated to promoting significant scholarly research that inspires and enriches–locally and globally. In the classroom and out in the field, our faculty and students partner in an effort to discover innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging and important issues. Our research has attracted millions of dollars of support from a wide range of private and public benefactors, and many our students are published in academic journals and present at national conferences. As catalysts of innovation, our researchers are passionate about advancing knowledge, making discoveries, and improving lives.
Faculty Research

As leaders in their fields of study, professors at St. John’s are engaged in research that impacts their disciplines and the world around us. You’ll find your teachers publishing books and scholarly articles, presenting their work at major conferences, and pushing the boundaries of science in on-campus laboratories. 

Student Research

St. John’s provides undergraduates and graduate students with abundant opportunities to launch research careers. Depending on their disciplines, students often work in on-campus laboratories, side-by-side with professors who conduct ground-breaking studies in biology, chemistry, the pharmaceutical sciences, psychology, and other areas of inquiry. Students also can conduct research by applying for major academic awards. In 2013, for example, 10 students received Fulbright scholarships to study and teach around the world. 

Sponsored Research

St. John’s provides students and faculty with various paths to obtain research funding and support. Some examples include Fellowships, The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, the Graduate Admissions Assistance Program, and The Council on Undergraduate Research. Learn more about these programs.

Fulbright Scholars

The Fulbright Scholarship fosters understanding among nations through education and cultural exchanges. St. John’s is a hosting university, and many of our students and faculty have received prestigious Fulbright Student Grants to conduct research and teach overseas. Our participation in this program reflects SJU’s ongoing commitment to global learning and Vincentian values.

Scholarship is the intellectual core of our institution.

That’s why St. John’s is committed to student and faculty scholarly research, leading-edge methodology, rigorous standards, and the innovative application of knowledge. In fact, research activities of St. John’s students and faculty are increasingly diverse and intense. It’s an exciting place to be with grant dollars continuing to rise, publications in abundance, and students presenting papers at conferences. We are proud our accomplishments today and look forward to the achievements of tomorrow.