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Emergency Preparedness

The health and safety of all our students, faculty, administration, staff and visitors is of paramount concern at St. John’s University. While the likelihood of a major emergency situation is remote, St. John’s recognizes the critical importance of being prepared and has designed a comprehensive program that ensures the security of the University community in the event of a crisis.
Active Shooter

An incident involving imminent threats of violence against a member of our community can occur at any time. The following guidelines are options for you to consider to ensure that you remain safe:

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Severe Weather

Severe weather conditions can pose a significant safety risk and effect University operations. The following weather related guidelines are offered to keep you safe and alert you to any interruptions of University operations. 

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Power Outage

Power outages resulting in the loss of electricity can be disruptive and potentially pose a safety risk to members of our community. Find out more on how to prepare and respond to a power outage.

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Fires and explosions are a significant threat to the safety of the University community. Learn more about how we prevent and respond to these situations.

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Hazardous Material Spill

The discovery of a biological or chemical spill should be reported immediately and the following protocol should be followed:

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Suspicious Activity
The observing and reporting of suspicious activity is critical in maintaining a safe campus. Learn what to do if you see something suspicious.


Although rare in New York City, earthquakes have occurred as recently as 2012. Learn what to do and what not to do in the event of an earthquake.