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Crime Prevention

Personal Safety

Learn how to reduce or eliminate the likelihood that you will become a victim of a crime:

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Residence Hall Safety

Residence Hall safety is a shared responsibility to ensure that residents, guests, and staff enjoy a safe and secure living environment. 

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Safety in the City

We encourage all students to explore the vast culture experiences that the surrounding city has to offer. We provided these tips to make your experience as safe as possible:

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There is no shortage of phony offers and scams designed to trick you into becoming a victim. The following are some recent examples along with information to help you spot a scam.

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The sensitive personal data and vast amount of school work on your computer requires attention to prevent a cyber attack on your devices. The following tips will help you maintain a secure device:

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Bicycle Safety

Bicycle riding is a healthy and clean transportation alternative, and the following tips can help prevent the theft or your bicycle.

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