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Parents of 11th Graders

Most agree that a student's junior year is the toughest of high school. It is also the last full year that will be assessed by future colleges. We will make sure to keep you aware of important deadlines and buzz words, and we will be here online at all times in between. In the meantime, focus on financial planning for yourself and standardized test planning for your child.

College Preparation during Junior Year

As junior year comes to a close for students and parents, important decisions need to be made regarding college. For example, has your student chosen a possible major, or identified a list of preferred schools and what they offer? Are these choices realistic given your financial outlook? If you haven’t already, students and parents need to research scholarship offerings and financial aid packages as they embark on the application process.

This is also the time to solidify summer plans—for example, taking on a part-time job to save money for school, or perhaps finding an internship in their field of interest. The earlier they discover a field that is of interest to them, the better. As you discuss summer plans also begin to schedule summer college visits with your student's top choices. Aim to visit at least five schools, and call the admissions offices to set up a personal interview, tour, and a meeting with a professor or coach.

Parents can help their students finalize an academic schedule for senior year. Students should continue on a challenging academic path that shows interest, commitment, and discipline. Contact individuals who might provide letters of recommendation for your student, such as teachers, coaches, supervisors, and scout leaders. Also start to develop an application essay with your student that effectively showcases who they are and what they have to offer.

St. John's University is dedicated to providing students with every opportunity for an outstanding Catholic higher education, including world-class faculty, financial aid, safe residential campuses, and career preparation. We want to supply you with the tools and information you will need to guide your child to a great college experience.

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